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Meet the Master’s in Systemic Risk Class of 2021

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Students in the Yale School of Management’s Master’s Degree in Systemic Risk Class of 2021 are bringing a wealth of global experience in central banks and other regulatory agencies to the Yale SOM community this fall.

The eight incoming students began classes on August 31, alongside students in Yale SOM’s other full-time residential programs.

The Master’s in Systemic Risk is a one-year, in-residence specialized course of study for employees of central banks and other major regulatory agencies who manage risk. The program is designed to give students from around the world a deeper understanding of managing systemic risk and responding to financial crises. The first-of-its-kind master’s program, which is intentionally kept small, launched in fall 2017.

The new students represent the Bank of Indonesia, the Central Bank of Mexico, Japan’s Financial Services Agency, the Central Bank of Philippines, the Reserve Bank of India, and the Central Bank of Malaysia. One student, who was previously employed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, now works for the Yale Program on Financial Stability and is on leave to pursue the systemic risk degree.

One member of the class is a joint-degree student, pursuing both a master’s degree in systemic risk and an MBA. Two students have already completed graduate degrees in other academic areas.

The average age of the students in the new class is 31 years; they speak languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Malayalam, and Malay. Their undergraduate majors include economics, law, accounting, finance, and business administration.

Over the course of the academic year, the students will complete a slate of required courses focused on the global financial system. They will also take specialized elective courses, such as statistics, economics, and finance.

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