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Blockchain & Connected Devices: Resilient Networks and COVID-19 Contact Tracing As a Business Use Case

[WEBINAR] YBlockchain? Episode 003

Thursday, Nov 19 2020 at 7:00 - 8:00 pm EST

Join us on Thursday, November 19th at 7:00pm as Diana Barrero Zalles ‘17 interviews Garrett Kinsman, Co-Founder of and builder of connected wireless networks to gather data, lower costs, and improve security measures. Nodle’s mission is to enable the next trillion things to connect to the Internet. 

Garrett will walk us through:

- How companies can benefit from building on decentralized wireless networks, where even your smartphone can be used as a “node” or a base station to move data efficiently, securely, and at massive scale. This can affect anything from granular tracking of FedEx packages with COVID testing kits to measuring air quality and temperature practically anywhere on demand. See, where they empower citizens to earn blockchain-based rewards (Nodle Cash) just for connecting to nearby IoT devices. 

- Blockchain-based alternatives to traditional social media advertising models where a user has greater privacy, control of their data, and both app developers and individuals can be easily rewarded for providing it.

- How the Nodle Network is being used to combat the spread of COVID-19 in workplaces and on campuses. His team created the M1 Social Distancing Wearable (, and the exposure motivation app, Coalition App (; both built on one of the most privacy-focused contact tracing protocols on the market, Whisper Tracing, peer-reviewed by cryptographers at MIT, Stanford, USC, and Oxford.

If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow @gekinsman, @nodlenetwork, @nodlecash, and @coalition_app

[WATCH] YBlockchain? Episode 003: Blockchain & Connected Devices: Resilient Networks and COVID-19 Contact Tracing As a Business Use Case

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  • Garrett Kinsman


    Garrett Kinsman dropped out of college to join FireChat, an app that builds Mesh Networks for messaging. FireChat became a symbol of democracy as it was used around the world at protests and music festivals. Kinsman then traveled to India on a planned spiritual awakening, but shortly after, started a job in technology. Kinsman spent two years in Bengaluru, working for Ola Cabs, running hardware for their Innovation Labs and building Ola Play, the largest connected car infrastructure to date. There he explored new types of wireless infrastructure and built solar powered mesh networks in his spare time. He moved back to America in 2017 to Co-Found with Micha Benoliel, his former boss at FireChat, where they are building a "Simple, Global Wireless Network to connect billions of IoT devices." Together they seek to free the mobile internet. In March 2020, he co-founded the Coalition Network Foundation, a non-profit that provides an open source, secure contact tracing solutions for governments, universities and any organization to integrate into their health system to protect global citizens during the current COVID-19 crisis and future pandemics. The Coalition App, a privacy-by-design contact tracing app that leverages secure Bluetooth (BLE) and cryptography, the Whisper Tracing Protocol, and the Nodle M1, an award-winning social distancing wearable to promote worker safety and assist contact tracing efforts, were developed by Garrett, the Nodle team, and a few independents. Linkedin: Twitter:

  • Diana Barrero Zalles ‘17

    Moderator & Organizer

    Diana Barrero Zalles advises on blockchain innovation, crypto fund investments, and regulation. She has identified best practices and developments from around the world and compiled recommendations for effective blockchain legislation and business models. She also contributes to Global Digital Finance working groups to standardize best practices. She published market research on stablecoins and is working to advance tools in the space in light of decentralized finance developments. Previously, she managed large cross-border transactions with the investment banking offices of the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC. She went to the University of Notre Dame and has an MBA from Yale.