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Blockchain as a Building Block For The Data Economy, Fueled by Transparency & Trust

[WEBINAR] YBlockchain? Episode 002

Wednesday, Oct 28 2020 at 7:00 - 8:00 pm EDT

YBlockchainJoin us on Wednesday, October 28th at 7:00pm as Diana Barrero Zalles ‘17 interviews Cristina Dolan, Founder and CEO of InsideCHAINS, who will share her insight on building on the next generation of businesses on Industry 4.0 components, of which Blockchain, IoT and Data are building blocks. These are all part of the 'connected' economy, where business transformation through networked technologies like blockchain and edge computing are creating new economic opportunities fueled by data. The driving forces behind this fundamental change entail a growing need for trust and transparency. In this context, blockchain is one component with the ability to capture journeys of data, which can be financial transactions, products, customer journeys, etc.

For instance, today’s banking system faces increasing regulatory requirements such as the European Union’s 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5), which incorporated virtual asset service providers as obliged entities. The next iteration of this directive, AMLD6, is expected to further raise compliance standards, along with a wide range of other global regulatory developments. Blockchain technology not only reduces data silos for institutions but may also be key for them to navigate the complexity of global regulations. It can allow them to set the right safeguards while at the same time maintaining the confidentiality of personal data. Apart from banking, sectors like supply chain and healthcare are also likely to benefit from this level of transparency, which facilitates the visibility of journeys of data while preserving individuals’ privacy. 

Cristina will share her fascinating experience building solutions. While the shared economy was an early 'distributed' model of commercial interactions, new business models are evolving beyond this structure, such that data sharing can enable developments like the EU's Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The UK has implemented this successfully with Open Banking, bringing lending opportunities to a new level for SMBs and other niche areas that have not been adequately served by traditional banks. In the US, we've seen no apparent need for regulations to be put in place in order to drive adoption. Europe further recognizes that the next 5 years are critical to economic growth through these developments and published a Data Strategy to drive digitization and security across industries. China, on the other hand, enacted a Cyber Security Law for internet security and data protection, which also requires network operators to store select data within the country's borders and allows authorities to conduct spot-checks.

[WATCH] YBlockchain? Episode 002: Blockchain as a Building Block For The Data Economy, Fueled by Transparency & Trust
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  • Cristina Dolan

    Founder and CEO of InsideCHAINS

    Cristina Dolan is an engineer, entrepreneur and CEO of InsideChains, which is focused on building solutions and growing businesses utilizing data, blockchain, cyber security and risk quantification, FIDO2, AI, IoT, telematics and serverless cloud architectures for new digitally transformative fintech, insurtech and mobility offerings. She is a co-founder of, an award winning European ‘Value Based Healthcare’ utilizing data to improve patient outcomes. Other connected data driven entities she co-founded include an insurance marketplace that initially offered blockchain insurance and an open investing platform. In addition to being an MIT Media Lab alumna, engineer and Internet pioneer, she has over two decades of experience building transformational data enabled businesses and products in FinTech, InsurTech, Media, Telecom and Healthtech verticals. She was a co-founder of, which grew to be the 10th largest ISP after a very successful IPO followed by a strategic acquisition by Earthlink. Formerly, Ms. Dolan held executive roles at Disney, Hearst, IBM and Oracle. She is a member of Forbes Technology Council and the Vice Chair and former Chair of the MIT Enterprise Forum in New York. The award-winning student competition she founded, Dream it. Code it. Win it., was the subject of her TEDx Talk, Just Solve It. She earned a Master’s Degree from the MIT Media Lab and holds a Master of Computer Science and Bachelors of Electrical Engineering with concentrations in Computer Science, Data Communications and Business.

  • Diana Barrero Zalles ‘17

    Moderator & Organizer

    Diana Barrero Zalles advises on blockchain innovation, crypto fund investments, and regulation. She has identified best practices and developments from around the world and compiled recommendations for effective blockchain legislation and business models. She also contributes to Global Digital Finance working groups to standardize best practices. She published market research on stablecoins and is working to advance tools in the space in light of decentralized finance developments. Previously, she managed large cross-border transactions with the investment banking offices of the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC. She went to the University of Notre Dame and has an MBA from Yale.