Giving Catalog

There are a number of ways to support Yale SOM. Explore our list of opportunities, below. We invite you to call or write us with questions and to learn more about how your gift can make a difference.

Faculty Support

  • SOM New Initiatives Professorship - $6,000,000

    The Yale School of Management, guided by its mission to educate leaders for business and society, has been a pioneer in management education since its founding more than 30 years ago. The School’s future development and growth is directly dependent on its faculty, and especially on the addition of new faculty members, to build and strengthen specific areas of management expertise at the School. Endowing a New Initiatives Professorship enables Yale SOM to recruit a leading scholar into its academic community by adding an incremental faculty position.

  • SOM Professorship - $3,000,000

    One of the historic strengths of the Yale School of Management is the quality of its faculty; they are renowned academicians, practitioners, as well as thought-leaders in their fields. Awarded to an existing faculty member, an endowed professorship enables the School to maintain the stature and excellence of its faculty.

  • Visiting SOM Faculty - $2,000,000

    Every year, the Yale School of Management invites outstanding faculty members from other institutions to campus, and this exchange produces new dialogue, collaborative work, and fresh insight into current issues in management education. Endowed gifts to support these positions allow Yale SOM to recruit exceptional thought leaders and fund their full participation in the School’s activities.

  • Faculty Fellowship for Non-Tenured SOM Faculty - $1,500,000

    Junior faculty members are emerging leaders in their respective fields who bring innovative perspectives on management problems and processes to their teaching at Yale SOM. Endowed gifts, such as the faculty fellowship for Non-Tenured SOM faculty, help the School to recruit, mentor, and benefit from the research and teaching of tomorrow’s leading 

  • SOM Faculty Support and Research Fund - $250,000

    Yale School of Management faculty are renowned scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders in management education. The influence of their research is felt in the classroom, at Yale, and beyond. Endowed gifts to the SOM Faculty Support and Research Fund are critical to ensuring that Yale SOM continues to be a vital contributor in all fields of management research.


  • Full Merit SOM Scholarship - $1,250,000

    In the highly competitive MBA market, scholarships are critically important in continuing to attract top talent to the Yale School of Management. Endowed gifts in support of merit scholarships help to defray the rising costs of tuition, and provide professional development and curriculum-related global opportunities.

  • Half Merit SOM Scholarship - $625,000

    In the highly competitive MBA market, scholarships are critically important in continuing to attract top talent to the Yale School of Management. Endowed gifts in support of merit scholarships help to defray the rising costs of tuition, and provide professional development and curriculum-related International Experience opportunities.

  • Partial SOM Scholarship - $100,000

    In the highly competitive MBA market, scholarships are critically important in continuing to attract top talent to the Yale School of Management. Endowed gifts in support of merit scholarships help to defray the rising costs of tuition, and provide professional development and curriculum-related International Experience opportunities.

  • Joint SOM/F&ES Scholarship - $100,000

    The joint degree program beteen Yale School of Management and the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies is the longest standing busienss and environment program in the world. The joint program’s global, integrated approach is designed to educate upcoming leaders who can successfully address complex challenges, fund creative solutions, and seize opportunities at the intersection of business and the environment. Endowed gifts in support of joint-degree scholarships help to defray the rising costs of tuition and provide for professional development and curriculum-related activities.

  • SOM Loan Forgiveness Fund - $100,000

    The Yale School of Management Loan Forgiveness Program is the first of its kind among business schools and is widely emulated in business and law schools around the country. It underscores the School’s mission, to educate leaders for business and society, by providing support to qualified recent graduates who wish to pursue careers in the public or nonprofit sectors, or in L3Cs and B Corporations. Endowed gifts to the Loan Forgiveness Program ensure the continuation and future growth of this hallmark Yale SOM initiative.

  • Financial Aid Doctoral SOM Fellowship - $1,000,000

    The Yale SOM doctoral program is small and highly selective, offering specialization in the management fields of accounting, financial economics, and marketing. The program produces students who engage in scholarly research and teach in university settings around the world. Endowed gifts supporting doctoral fellowships enable students to finish their research in a timely manner, and ultimately underwrite the professional formation of a new generation of scholars.

Student Support

  • SOM Graduate Teaching Assistantship - $100,000

    As graduate teaching assistants at Yale SOM, both MBA and Ph.D. students benefit tremendously from the opportunity to work alongside faculty members, supporting research projects, and by developing public presentation skills. 

    Endowed gifts provide a permanent source of support for graduate teaching assistantships, securing valuable experiences for these outstanding students.


  • Executive-in-Residence at the School of Management - $600,000

    Endowed gifts for the Executive-in-Residence program enrich classroom learning and discussion by enabling the Yale School of Management to invite practitioners to share their expertise and management strategies developed in response to real-world problems.

  • SOM Orientation Program Fund - $100,000

    Every August, the Yale School of Management organizes an intensive Orientation program for incoming MBA students which provides an introduction to the school, the Yale campus, and New Haven. Orientation activities include faculty discussions, onsite visits to organizations, opportunities to hear from Yale SOM alumni in successful leadership positions, as well as social gatherings.

    Gifts to endow the Yale SOM Orientation Program help to underwrite the activity costs year after year, ensuring a successful start to the MBA experience for the incoming class.

  • SOM Career Development Program Fund - $100,000

    The Yale School of Management Career Development Office is committed to providing students with the guidance and tools to meet their professional aspirations, including help with initiating and maintaining relationships with industry-leading organizations. Building bridges between students and employers, the office works to enhance students’ job search skills and to provide interesting forums for prospective employers and students to interact. Endowed gifts to fund career development programs help to underwrite the costs of ongoing and new professional initiatives.

  • SOM Curriculum Development Fund - $100,000

    In 2006, the Yale School of Management introduced its innovative integrated MBA curriculum designed to better meet the truly global demands of contemporary business and organizations. Endowed gifts underwrite the demonstrated ongoing need for new teaching and learning materials, new coursework development, as well as global experiential opportunities for students.

  • SOM Dean's Priorities Fund - $100,000

    The Yale School of Management Dean’s Priorities Fund provides the School with the financial flexibility to develop innovative programming and strategic initiatives, as well as to proactively respond to emerging needs of students and the SOM community. Gifts to endow the Dean’s Priorities Fund enable the Dean to direct funds to where the School needs them most, including curriculum development, scholarships and loan forgiveness, and operational needs.

  • SOM Information Technology Fund - $100,000

    Endowed gifts to the Information Technology Fund help to keep the Yale School of Management’s classrooms, and important research programs and networks, both cutting-edge and competitive.

  • SOM Student Travel/Conference Fund - $100,000

    The Yale School of Management provides students with stipends to help offset expenses associated with study/professional development trips and conferences. Endowed gifts designated to the SOM Travel/Conference Fund allow students to network, explore research possibilities, and to broaden their understanding of a range of topics relevant to the management profession.

Annual Giving

  • School of Management Alumni Fund - $25 to $100,000

    The unrestricted support received through the Yale School of Management Alumni Fund provides flexibility, and the immediate availability of funds, critical to funding strategic new initiatives and ongoing programs such as curriculum development, faculty research, scholarships and financial aid, the Loan Forgiveness Program, as well as balancing the School’s budget.

    Learn more about the Yale SOM Alumni Fund

Edward P. Evans Hall

  • About Yale SOM's new campus, Edward P. Evans Hall

    Edward P. Evans Hall, the new Foster + Partners complex for the Yale School of Management is a landmark at the northern gateway to the Yale campus. Evans Hall houses state-of-the-art classrooms, faculty offices, academic centers, and student and meeting spaces organized around a welcoming courtyard. Using the latest in "green construction" materials and practices, the new campus is designed as a teaching and learning environment that supports the school's innovative integrated MBA curriculum and enhances the Yale SOM community. Wholly modern in conception and outlook, it is a notable addition to Yale's distinguished architectural landmarks and the embodiment of the business school of the 21st century.

  • Courtyard, Evans Hall - $ 25,000,000 - 1 opportunity

    The enclosed courtyard offers a welcoming gathering space and an attractive focal point for the Yale SOM community. The courtyard is a venue for major school events, such as orientation and commencement, and presents attractive possibilities for other activities, such as concerts, plays, or social gatherings.

  • The Forum - $5,000,000 – 1 opportunity

    The Forum is a spacious, prominent, and multi-purpose space that can easily accommodate a wide range of events and gatherings—from presentations, classes for executives, and conferences to receptions and sit-down dinners.

  • Green Space Park, Evans Hall - $ 5,000,000 - 1 opportunity

    The landscaped Green Space between the School and the neighboring historic residential community to the east not only provides a welcoming outdoor community environment, but also contributes to the sustainability of the new campus, incorporating such features as underground storm water retention.

  • Classroom, Evans Hall - $ 2,000,000 - 8 opportunities, 7 funded

    State-of-the-art learning space featuring enhanced appointments  (84-person capacity).

  • Student Commons Terrace - $1,500,000 – 1 opportunity

    Inviting, outdoor table seating for small groups, as well as gatherings. Prominently situated in the South Wing, the Student Commons Terrace spans the length of the Courtyard and is adjacent to the Ligon-Lamsam Student Commons.

  • Student Lounge, Evans Hall - $750,000

    Centrally situated on the First Floor, the Student Lounge is an inviting, multi-purpose meeting and gathering space for Yale SOM students. It features an open area with a variety of seating configurations, a semi-private meeting nook, as well as a kitchen area (equipped with refrigerators and microwaves) with communal counter seating. The Student Lounge also features bulletin boards and an 80” large screen monitor displaying school news and events.

  • Executive MBA and Global Programs Suite, Evans Hall - $500,000 - 1 opportunity

    Suite of offices for Executive MBA and global programs staff.

  • Entrepreneurship Laboratory and Venture Team Space, Evans Hall - $250,000 - 1 opportunity

    Situated within the Entrepreneurship Suite, the Laboratory and Venture Team Space is equipped with seating and tables for 20+ people, providing students with a comfortable and efficient area for individual and collaborative work on entrepreneurial projects.

  • Student Locker Space, Evans Hall - $150,000 - 1 opportunity

    This student locker space provides lockers and showers for all MBA students.

  • Behavioral Research Laboratory, Evans Hall - $100,000 - 1 opportunity

    Research laboratory within the Behavioral Research Suite where experiments and exercises to support research in organizational behavior, organizational design, and social psychology are conducted.

  • Concourse, Evans Hall - $100,000

    Prominently situated outside of the Gould and Attwood Classrooms on the fourth floor, this bespoke, curved seating area (which measures ~20 feet in length) provides an elegant and comfortable gathering space for students, members of the Yale SOM community, and visitors to Evans Hall.

  • Conference Room, Evans Hall - $100,000 - 4 opportunities

    State-of-the-art (8-person capacity) rooms for student and staff group meetings. (Total of 4 rooms available: 3 rooms within/adjacent to the Entrepreneurship Suite; 1 room on the 5th Floor)

  • IT Help Desk, Evans Hall - $100,000 - 1 opportunity

    Situated on the lower level, the IT Help Desk and reception area provide assistance and seating for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Senior Faculty Office, Evans Hall - $100,000 - multiple opportunities

    An individual senior faculty office.

  • Huddle Room, Evans Hall - $50,000 - 1 opportunity

    Space used by students and staff for meetings, study, and private consultations. (1 room available within the Entrepreneurship Suite)

  • Junior Faculty Office, Evans Hall - $50,000 - multiple opportunities

    An individual junior faculty office.

  • Sustainability Fund, Evans Hall - $50,000 - multiple opportunities

    The Sustainability Fund helps to meet costs associated with making Yale School of Management a “green” facility—including the achievement of Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification—the internationally recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. Evans Hall has been designed to improve the stewardship of resources, as measured by energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions and reductions, and improved indoor environmental quality.

  • Art Fund, Evans Hall - $25,000+ - multiple opportunities

    The Art Fund is used to pay for costs associated with the exhibition of various art displays that enhance the aesthetics of Evans Hall, highlight connections across campus and around the world, and wonderfully showcase the school to the community and visitors.

  • Classroom Lectern, Evans Hall - $25,000 - 16 opportunities, 9 funded

    High-tech classroom enhancement which provides for state-of-the-art teaching capabilities and innovative learning connectivity.

  • Huddle Room, Evans Hall - $25,000 - 4 opportunities

      Space used by students for study and interviews. (4 rooms available on the First Floor)

  • Beinecke Terrace Room Table, Evans Hall - $10,000 - 12 opportunities, 2 funded

    Using wood from trees from the Evans Hall and other Yale sites, these beautifully re-purposed wood tables provide an aesthetic focal point for special functions and gatherings in the elegant Beinecke Terrace Room.