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Dean Charles with StudetYale SOM is animated by a fundamental set of values and a critical mission to produce leaders for business and society. We rely on the enthusiastic and broad-based engagement of our alumni to keep us striving forward. Your gifts provide meaningful resources for everything from scholarships to ambitious initiatives that impact society. Dean Kerwin K. Charles

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To advance Yale SOM’s mission and aspirations, the dean has identified the following key funding priorities:

  • Alumni Fund

    The Yale SOM Alumni Fund provides immediate support for the school’s core needs, including scholarships, faculty research, and curriculum innovation. Each year, gifts to the Alumni Fund underwrite the programs that sustain Yale SOM’s excellence. 

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  • Scholarships and Loan Forgiveness

    Yale SOM is dedicated to attracting and supporting the most talented students. Scholarships are an important tool in our efforts to attract the very best students to our MBA, EMBA, MAM, and PhD programs. They contribute to creating a diverse and outstanding student body—a defining characteristic and strength of the Yale SOM community. Students weigh many elements when selecting a business school, and cost is often the deciding factor. To enroll the very best, Yale SOM strives to offer a level of student support that keeps its programs affordable—and even more attractive than the competition. 

    The Loan Forgiveness program supports alumni working in the public or nonprofit sectors, as well as L3C organizations and B corporations. By reducing the debt burden for eligible alumni, the program opens the door for students wishing to pursue careers in service after graduation.

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  • Integration with Yale

    Yale SOM students and faculty collaborate with colleagues in other parts of Yale University through a variety of programs. Joint degree programs with the schools of Medicine, Forestry & Environmental Studies, Law, Public Health, Divinity, Architecture, and Drama, as well as the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, prepare students to be leaders who will bring a broad understanding and analytical thinking to whatever industry they work in. Our joint degree programs are rapidly growing in popularity: joint degree students comprise 13% of the full-time MBA Class of 2019.

    In addition, Yale SOM continues to open many of its courses to students from Yale College and the graduate and professional schools. More than 1,000 non-SOM students are enrolled in SOM courses (double the number from five years ago). These students contribute new and varied perspectives to SOM courses, to the benefit of all students in the class. In turn, more than 500 SOM students are enrolled in courses throughout the university’s other graduate and professional schools. The school is also building its offerings of  foundational courses designed specifically for non-SOM students. 

    Several Yale SOM programs and initiatives transcend the boundaries of the school, such as the Center for Business and the Environment, which joins the strengths of SOM with the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. The  Program on Entrepreneurship strengthens connections between the school and the broader Yale entrepreneurship community.

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  • Global Programs

    In April 2015, Yale SOM was named the top U.S. business school for getting a global education by The New York Times. Global programs are essential to the mission and aspirations of Yale SOM and are a defining characteristic of the Yale SOM education.

    Convened by Yale SOM in 2012, the Global Network for Advanced Management is a consortium of 30 prominent business schools from around the world, which provides countless opportunities to enrich SOM students' understanding of the highly varied challenges facing enterprises in an array of developed and emerging economies. It also facilitates connections among faculty for research collaboration and the development of classroom materials that approach leadership challenges from a truly global perspective.

    Global Network Weeks bring together students from Global Network schools for a week of intensive study and company visits organized around a topic of particular strength at the host school. Yale SOM, for example, has hosted Global Network Weeks showcasing our faculty's expertise in behavioral finance, behavioral economics, and marketing. Participating students not only exchange ideas with their peers from network schools but also expand and globalize their professional networks.

    Global Network Courses are graduate-level offerings by Global Network schools that are open to students from the Global Network through an online platform. Yale SOM has offered network courses focused on mobile banking, global competition policy, and natural resource systems. Students in these courses work in cross-school teams, honing their virtual collaboration and cross-cultural working skills against a backdrop of academic rigor in the course’s subject matter.

    To ensure they are equipped to lead in today’s increasingly global, complex world, all Yale SOM students must meet a Global Studies Requirement—by participation in a Global Network Week, International Experience course, exchange program, or other activity. 

  • Edward P. Evans Hall and Capital Improvements

    Yale SOM moved into its new campus, Edward P. Evans Hall, in January 2014. The 225,000-square-foot building, named in recognition of a generous gift from Edward P. Evans YC '64, contains classrooms, formal and informal study space, and technological innovations specifically designed to enhance Yale's uniquely integrative curriculum. The world-renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners, chaired by Lord Norman Foster ARCH '62, has created a facility that promotes the interconnectedness, transparency, and exchange of ideas critical to leadership in the 21st Century while including elements—such as an enclosed courtyard, a community dining commons, and a thoughtfully landscaped campus—that make a direct connection to the history and tradition of Yale.

  • Thought Leadership

    Yale SOM’s innovative approach to management education necessitates the development of new pedagogical tools and programs; products of this approach include the school’s unique integrated core curriculum, "raw" cases, and a Global Studies requirement. In addition, the school’s faculty have made important contributions in a wide array of fields, including behavioral economics, marketing, globalization, organizational behavior, and ethical leadership.

    Yale SOM faculty are dedicated teachers and leading researchers who play an outsized role in shaping business theory, policy, and practice. Endowed chairs are among the highest honors SOM bestows upon its faculty, who exemplify the school’s commitment to academic excellence, innovative research, and practical relevance. These named professorships recognize faculty members for their contributions to teaching, research, and service to the school.

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  • Dean's Resources

    Gifts in support of Dean’s Resources provide unrestricted, flexible funds that can be used where they are needed most. Funding for this area allows the dean to expand and leverage the Global Network for Advanced Management, create timely new programs and initiatives on emerging topics as they become relevant, and generally ensure that Yale SOM remains competitive in offering an unparalleled management education to today’s students—tomorrow’s leaders for business and society.