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Illustration of a ball and bat
March 21, 2023 Center for Customer Insights Blog

The Perils of Strong Intuitions

Illustrated depiction of a corporate employee in a suit with a briefcase avoiding pitfalls marked by orange traffic cones
March 01, 2023 Center for Customer Insights Blog

As the Accuracy of Targeted Advertising Increases, So Do the Pitfalls

New research from Yale SOM professor Jiwoong Shin highlights how the predictive power of targeted advertising can be undercut by ignoring the misaligned incentives of advertisers and consumers.

woman in black shirt holding white gift box with red ribbon
December 20, 2022 Center for Customer Insights Blog

A Behavioral Scientist’s Guide to Gift-Giving

Giving the right gift is difficult, in part because givers and receivers don’t necessarily agree on what “right” means.

December 15, 2022 Center for Customer Insights Blog

An Introduction to Stakeholder Capitalism

Yale SOM Professor Ravi Dhar and co-faculty leader of the newly launched Yale Program on Stakeholder Innovation and Management shares insights into the growth

blurry photo of in-person clothing store
December 09, 2022 Center for Customer Insights Blog

Five Key Insights that Can Bring Traffic Back to Brick & Mortar Retailers this Holiday Season

Recent years have seen brick & mortar shopping on the decline, especially among younger generations. Yet, consumers still report several positive associations with in-person purchasing.

Blocks with sad faces, final block with happy face
November 30, 2022 Center for Customer Insights Blog

Consumers as Humans: Why Marketers Should Be Thinking About Ads as Part of a Sequence

New research from Yale SOM Professor Taly Reich reveals that after consumers have been exposed to certain types of sad content, they respond with a counterintuitive impulse: the need to sustain their blue moods.

Victoria Bush
September 28, 2022 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Victoria Bush ’23, GEM

Victoria Bush ’23 looks back at her experience this summer as an intern with GEM, a vitamin company that creates whole-food nutritional chews. 

Tali in front of Dow Jones sign
September 27, 2022 MBA Blog

Internship Spotlight: Tali Marcus ’23, Dow Jones

Tali Marcus ’23 shares what she worked on during her internship with Dow Jones.

Person's hands at laptop computer holding a cell phone with ai graphics overlaid
September 26, 2022 Center for Customer Insights Blog

Framing the Ghost in the Machine: How to Build Consumer Trust in AI

Despite the growing prevalence and capabilities of predictive algorithms, consumers don’t necessarily trust what a computer tells them.

Pile of books on a teal background
September 06, 2022 Center for Customer Insights Blog

YCCI's National Read A Book Day List

In honor of National Read a Book Day, and the back to school season we’ve gathered a reading list from Yale SOM Marketing Faculty,  Executive Fellows and Center for Customer Insights staff.  Check out our current reads below!