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Man in red jacket at the top of a mountain overlooking lake
March 29, 2022 Center for Customer Insights

Unlocking the Secrets to Self-Motivation

Chicago Booth Professor Ayelet Fishbach talks motivation.

An illustration of someone walking up the stairs balancing positive and negative thoughts
March 01, 2022 Center for Customer Insights

Can Ambivalence Motivate Us to Act?

Fearing rejection, people are often reluctant to pursue the things they want most—a better job offer, a first date.

hot sauce wedding bouquet
February 25, 2022 Center for Customer Insights

Brand marketing to engage the consumer

Inside Yum! Brands’ intuition-based approach to building loyalty.

man washing cranberries in stream
February 18, 2022 Center for Customer Insights

Five Insights from Multi-Sensory Marketing

For marketers, tactics designed to engage each of the consumer’s five senses can be a powerful tool for unlocking deeper connection with the consumer. 

Antonio Lucio
January 21, 2022 Center for Customer Insights

A Conversation with Antonio Lucio

MBA student Joanne Jan sat down with YCCI Executive Fellow & former Facebook CMO, Antonio Lucio, to hear his thoughts on the future of marketing & the importance of diversity and inclusion within organizations.

December 22, 2021 Center for Customer Insights

Finding the Right Brand Position

A company’s brand is central to its success, and yet little is known about why some brands succeed and others don’t. New work out of Yale shines an empirical light on the value of niche versus mainstream brand positions.

photo of blue rope
December 22, 2021 Center for Customer Insights

When More Friction Can Lead to a Better Consumer Experience

According to MIT Sloan's Renée Richardson Gosline, "friction is not the same thing as a pain point." In what scenarios might friction actually improve the customer experience?

illustration of light bulb rocket ship taking off out of a box
December 16, 2021 Center for Customer Insights

Unintentional Creations

New research from Yale SOM professor Taly Reich shows that consumers will pay more for something when they find out it was invented unintentionally. The catch? It must be a great product.

graphic of two colored heads looking at each other
December 02, 2021 Center for Customer Insights

Finding the Best Lookalikes

Online marketing allows companies unprecedented precision in targeting not just individual consumers, but, increasingly, “lookalikes” who match the characteristics of those consumers.

three bullseye, the middle is green with a green arrow
November 16, 2021 Center for Customer Insights

Are Green Consumers Good for Profit? Bad for the Environment?

When consumers express a preference for “green” products, what does that actually mean for firm profits and environmental harms? New research from YCCI explores this question – and reveals some counterintuitive insights.