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A variety of options of smartphones to choose from- when should companies consider product versioning at various prices?
March 27, 2024 Center for Customer Insights Blog

The Dynamics of Optimal Product Pricing

The research of Yale SOM's Soheil Ghili explores the intricacies of price discrimination and product versioning, outlining how understanding consumer preferences can optimize pricing strategy.

March 19, 2024 Center for Customer Insights Blog

Introducing American Whiskey to New, Younger Demographics

YCCI explores how memories, social occasions, out-of-the-box pairings, and functional merchandise play pivotal roles in engaging diverse new audiences further into whiskey consumption. 

Consumer Psychology
February 29, 2024 Center for Customer Insights Blog

A Roadmap for Strengthening the Field of Consumer Psychology

Though consumer psychology studies how people behave in the market, very little is actually known about what consumers know of and believe about markets.

Valentine's Day Gifts
February 13, 2024 Center for Customer Insights Blog

The Heart of the Gift: Exploring the Psychology of Valentine's Day Giving

Academic research can provide a lot of interesting insight on Valentine's Day gifting. Discover how marketers can capitalize on the diverse motivations behind gift-giving to spread love across all relationships.

marketing trends 2024 looking ahead to what is important
February 07, 2024 Center for Customer Insights Blog

YCCI's Take on 2024 Marketing Trends

The Yale Center for Customer Insights identifies the marketing trends of 2024 that actually deserve your attention.

Shopping mall retail space brick and mortar with Gen Z
January 31, 2024 Center for Customer Insights Blog

Reviving Retail: How to Make Malls 'Lowkey' Cool Again

Shopping malls, once a hub of social activity, have been all but abandoned by younger shoppers in recent decades.

Dry January Mocktail
January 18, 2024 Center for Customer Insights Blog

Understanding Sober-Curious: Consumer Mindsets in the Move to Healthier Beverages

Explore the rise of wellness-driven beliefs behind consumer decisions where nonalcoholic options are no longer just for the sober but for those prioritizing mental and physical well-being.

January 10, 2024 Center for Customer Insights Blog

Now or Never: Why Do Many New Year’s Resolutions Fail? 

Uncover the psychological nuances behind the gap between good intentions and actual follow-through when it comes to New Year's Resolutions, exploring phenomena like hyperbolic discounting and identity attachment.

trust fall
December 21, 2023 Center for Customer Insights Blog

Navigating Brand Trust in Modern Marketing

Evolving consumer demands and societal shifts are reshaping the concept of brand trust. How can brands build lasting consumer trust leading to loyalty in today's ever-changing marketing landscape?

woman shopping for pet food with dog
December 19, 2023 Center for Customer Insights Blog

How Pet Retailers Can Use Insight-Driven Advertising to Keep Customers Coming Back to Stores

As pet retailers notice a post-pandemic dip in customers, a study out of the Yale Center for Customer Insights (YCCI) uncovers marketing and advertising strategies that could help drive up sales and services.