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Curriculum Development

At YCCI, we continuously work to disseminate new knowledge from our experts to students as well as to leaders in practice.

Today’s marketing leaders are expected to utilize a deep understanding of the customer to influence decision making across many different functions, from demand planning and supply chain management to pricing and analytics. The Yale SOM integrated core curriculum provides students with both a strong foundation in marketing and brand management frameworks, as well as tools and methods for applying those concepts to complex, integrated problems. Specialized marketing electives and team-based projects provide you with the expertise you need to pursue your passion, from brand management to customer analytics to product management.

Case study initiative

Real-world business challenges are explored through academic case studies. Working with our corporate partners, YCCI faculty designs challenging and timely case studies that are designed to enrich classroom instruction and illustrate the value of consumer insights in business strategy.

Marketing core courses

The Customer considers how to align an organization around customer focus.
Innovator discusses using customer insights to drive innovation. 

Selected marketing electives

Students in breakout room

Strategic Marketing Leadership provides a framework to guide marketing leadership within an organization.
Digital Strategy examines how managers should think about digital business models.
Consumer Behavior  explores the psychology of the consumer, including some intuitive and non-intuitive ideas about behavior.
Customer Analytics considers how to leverage data to shape a marketing strategy.
Customer Insights and Applications (Discovery Projects) tasks teams of students with solving a real-world customer insights question for a corporate partner.
Managing Marketing Programs provides a framework for making tactical marketing decisions to execute business strategy.