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Advancing the frontiers of consumer understanding.

At YCCI, the most innovative and successful companies are partnering with the world’s leading academics to understand the evolving dynamics of consumer behavior. Together, we gain insight that opens doors to endless potential for shaping and improving the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with global leaders to develop, test, and disseminate new insights that advance the understanding of the changing consumer to drive growth.

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YCCI leadership comprises award-winning faculty members and staff with an impressive depth and breadth of customer insights experience.

The YCCI Advisory Board members provide the Center with leadership and foresight to advance its mission and purpose.

The Executive Fellows program helps bring the latest in marketplace thinking into the Yale School of Management curriculum.

Learn more about our distinguished faculty fellows in the areas of economics & strategy, epidemiology & public health, finance, marketing, social psychology, and operations and policy management.