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Marco Collovini

Reflections on the Fall Semester

Marco Collovini ’21 shares what he’s learned as a member of the Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society program Class of 2021.

Marco Collovini During the 2020 fall semester at the Yale School of Management, I had the opportunity to experience the hybrid educational model, which allowed me and my fellow classmates to continue to pursue our Master’s in Global Business and Society program degrees while contributing to the health and safety of the community by de-densifying campus. The hybrid model has also allowed for a rich community experience.

Despite the challenges and novelties that the global pandemic has brought, the opportunities to deepen and refine my management skills have been continuous. Yale SOM’s focus on business and society has helped to focus my attention on issues that are extremely relevant for future leaders, such as environmental sustainability and geopolitical patterns in business development across the world.

Classes in the GBS program—along with group projects, guest speakers, and case discussions—added a practical dimension and complement to the more theoretically oriented master’s program I followed at Bocconi University.

The major added value of the GBS program is the community of friends and colleagues I have gained so far. The numerous backgrounds represented in the program, and various interests, contribute to a thought-provoking environment. The quality of discussions and the thoughtfulness of opinions, even in informal contexts, is an incomparable source of professional and personal growth. Despite the absence of in-person activities, we still had the opportunity to build strong bonds in a virtual setting. An atmosphere of solidarity and common objectives kept us together, despite the distance and time difference that moved us away.

The Yale community extends well beyond the GBS cohort. For example, I joined the student-run Consulting Club, where I have had the opportunity to network with colleagues who share similar career objectives and to prepare for job interviews with them. I also joined the SOM United soccer club, as well as the Ski & Snowboard Club, among others.

Events across Yale have continued to thrive in a virtual environment. I’ve had the opportunity to see outstanding speakers who talked about, among other topics, the recent presidential elections, inequality in healthcare, and the best policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this semester I also appreciated the breadth of services offered to GBS students. These range from career services to mental wellness and student life activities.  Every day there is a supportive answer for needs that may arise, especially during these challenging times.

Half of the GBS program is already behind me, and I realize more and more the mismatch between the tremendous number of opportunities and the limited amount of time I have to benefit from them all. This aspect of the experience helps me to keep my enthusiasm and motivation at the highest level while I pursue academic and professional objectives in a rewarding and stimulating environment.