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Dr. Esther Choo: The View from the Emergency Department

Dr. Esther Choo: The View from the Emergency Department

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Harlan outlines his new study tracking excess mortality over the course of the pandemic in the highly vaccinated state of Massachusetts; Howie discusses how the Inflation Reduction Act will tackle drug prices. They're joined by Dr. Esther Choo to talk about life as a doctor on social media and the crisis facing emergency departments.


Esther Choo: “Covid-19 is pushing doctors to the brink. Medicine needs to recognize they’re human and need help.”

“Uncoupling of all-cause excess mortality from COVID-19 cases in a highly vaccinated state”

“New York Governor Lifts Mask Mandate for NYC Subways”

White House Fact Sheet: The Inflation Reduction Act Supports Workers and Families

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