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Yale SOM Waitlist

Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates are waitlisted for different reasons, and a waitlist decision indicates that the Admissions Committee would like to consider your application further as the admissions cycle continues. We encourage you to contact us at to receive feedback specific to your application.  In some cases, a waitlist decision is simply the result of a competitive pool; we do not have enough spots in the class to admit all qualified applicants.  However, in other cases, we will be able to provide specific feedback on how to address aspects of your application.

Yes, nothing  is required, but we are happy to review additional  GMAT/GRE scores; resumes with new jobs, promotions, responsibilities, or volunteer experiences; transcripts showing completed coursework; and other material updates to your application. Please provide updates  here or have letters of support sent to directly. 

Unfortunately, we cannot schedule a time to speak. However, we encourage you to contact to receive feedback from a member of the Admissions Committee. Otherwise, if there are material updates to your application, they can be submitted via the status page.

We monitor our enrollment throughout the admission season, up to the beginning of August, and make additional offers as space becomes available. Waitlist movement varies from year to year, so it is difficult to make predictions as to how many candidates we will admit from the waitlist in a given year. However, we look favorably upon waitlisted candidates and appreciate your patience and continued engagement with our office.

The committee reviews the waitlist on an ongoing basis. If you are facing an imminent deadline that will preclude you from being further considered from the waitlist, you may let us know. However, even in these cases, we cannot promise that the Committee will be in a position to issue an updated decision.

Since we have limited interview appointments, it is not uncommon to be placed on the waitlist before being interviewed. In these cases, the Committee will continue to consider you for an invitation to interview.

Waitlist candidates may receive an update to their status at any time. At a minimum, candidates will receive an update on the scheduled decision release date for each round in which they remain on the waitlist.

If you have additional questions or would like to receive feedback on your application, please contact