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Yale SOM Waitlist

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was I placed on the waitlist?

    People are waitlisted for different reasons. Before requesting feedback from our office, we advise that you review your application while considering the following list of the most common areas of concern and suggestions for addressing them:

    Quantitative Preparation

    Yale SOM’s curriculum is quantitatively rigorous and we only admit applicants who have demonstrated the ability to complete the program successfully. We know the GMAT and GRE are not perfect indicators of skill. However, historically, they have been good indicators of how well students perform in the quantitatively rigorous first-year curriculum.

    What should I do?
    If you have only taken the GMAT/GRE once, we suggest taking it again, focusing on the quantitative section.
    If you haven’t taken many quantitative classes, take a statistics, microeconomics, or finance class and keep us updated on your progress.

    Competitive Pool

    Unfortunately, we do not have enough spots in the class to admit all qualified applicants.

    What should I do?
    Submit a letter confirming your interest and updating the committee on any new developments since submitting your application (e.g., promotion, taking a class).

    If you still have additional questions after reviewing the above information in relation to your own application, you can email mba.waitlist@yale.edu.

  • Can I submit additional materials? If so, to whom?

    Please submit any updates (i.e. new GMAT/GRE score, updated resume, job promotions) to your application here. If you would like someone else to submit a letter of support on your behalf, please have them email mba.waitlist@yale.edu directly. 

  • How often should I follow up with the Admissions Office?

    If you receive an updated GMAT score, course grade, or change in status at work, please feel free to send this information as it occurs. Additional contact beyond submission of supporting materials will not benefit your candidacy.

  • Can I meet or talk on the phone with a member of the admissions committee?

    Given our commitment to return decisions to all applicants, we cannot schedule a time to speak with you. However, you are welcome to submit written materials for the committee to consider during the waitlist review.

  • What are my chances of being accepted off the waitlist?

    Waitlist movement varies from year to year so it is difficult to make predictions based on historical data.

  • When will the committee review the waitlist?

    The committee reviews the waitlist on an ongoing basis as we monitor the class size.

  • How does the committee review the waitlist?

    The committee will review the whole application again, concentrating on any new information that has been submitted.

  • I haven’t been interviewed yet. Is that unusual?

    Since we have limited interview appointment availability, it is not uncommon to be placed on the waitlist before being interviewed. We will contact you if we feel an interview is necessary.

  • When will I receive an update to my status?

    Waitlist candidates may receive an update to their status at any time. At the latest, candidates will receive an updated status on the next decision release date.

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