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Leverage Student Resume Database

All resumes in the resume database are self-submitted by students seeking to attract the attention of employers. This resume database then feeds a number of resume books: 
  • Resume books built around degrees and class years are maintained by the Yale SOM CDO to continually reflect job-seeking students; the resumes of students who have accepted roles are removed from the resume book. This ensures students do not receive unnecessary messaging from employers and enables employers to focus attention on still-seeking students. 

  • Resume books for student-run clubs are not maintained by the Yale SOM CDO, but can be useful to employers looking to connect with students or to build a long-term brand on campus. 

  • All resume books can be filtered based on key criteria such as work experience, career desires, work authorization, and language skills. 

CDO tip

Students maintain their own resumes in the resume database and can submit updated resumes at any time. Best practice is to access the resume books via 12Twenty every time (vs. referring to a previously-downloaded version) to ensure the most up-to-date information. 

12Twenty FAQ

Access resume databases:
  • From Home page, click “Resume Books” on left-hand toolbar

  • To download all resumes, click “Download Full Book”

  • To filter resumes, click “Resumes” (next to resume book details)