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Engage with Students at Events

Students are eager to connect with recruiters, hiring managers, recent graduates, alumni and others to learn about interviewing for and working at an employer.

To ease this process for all employers, the Yale SOM CDO hosts a variety of multi-employer events throughout the year and provides logistics and marketing support for employer-hosted events.  Additionally, Employer Partnerships Managers will advise on efficient and effective ways to incorporate the following strategies into any hiring plan: 

  • BE INCLUSIVE throughout the process - see Yale SOM Employer Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for actionable recommendations  
  • BE INFORMATIVE at every step, leveraging email, web content, and flyers to make processes and contact information accessible and referable 
  • BE INTERACTIVE to engage with students and avoid talking at students - consider sharing presentations in advance to encourage Q&A during engagements  
  • BE INTERPERSONAL so both students and employers can get to know each other through breakout rooms, coffee chats, etc. 

As students view recruiting as a staged process, the Yale SOM CDO supports a variety of engagement formats to aid employers looking to make meaningful recruiting connections. Your Employer Partnerships Manager will advise on the best formats to meet your hiring needs, timing, and resources: 


Networking events centered on 1:1 and small group discussions


Themed events for a few employers; includes panel and small group breakout sessions 


Series of employer-hosted interview prep sessions in conjunction with CDO-supported interview prep for targeted student populations

Coffee Chats 

Open Hours/Office Hours 

Ask Me Anything/Q&A with… 

Interview prep sessions 

Education workshop 

Trek/office visit 

New ideas always explored! 

Upcoming Yale SOM Networking Events

There are no upcoming events.

CDO tip

All Yale SOM dedicated events must be scheduled outside of class time for the targeted audience.

As most events will continue to be open to all Yale SOM students to attend, complete the Target Student Audience field when making requests in 12Twenty so we can best time and promote your efforts.

12Twenty FAQ

Host an event (i.e. engagement, workshop, training session, coffee chats):
  • From Home page, click “Events” on left-hand toolbar

  • Click “+ Host an Event” in the top right corner

  • Fill out the required fields, noting any comments in the “Notes for CDO” field, and click “Submit”

  • Register for a Yale SOM organized event:
    • From Home page, click “Events” on left-hand toolbar 

    • To register, select the event of interest

    • Click “Register” in the top right corner

    • Fill out the required fields, and click "Register"