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Nita Ahuja: Epigenetics and Cancer

Nita Ahuja: Epigenetics and Cancer

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Howie and Harlan are joined by Nita Ahuja, a Yale surgeon and researcher, to discuss new methods in for detecting and treating cancers and the barriers faced by women surgeons. Harlan answers questions about an FDA panel’s finding that the decongestant phenylephrine is ineffective; Howie looks at the trends making hospital finances unsustainable. 


“FDA clarifies results of recent advisory committee meeting on oral phenylephrine”

“Phenylephrine vs. Pseudoephedrine: What’s the Difference?”

“Why Has a Useless Cold Medication Been Allowed on Shelves for Years?”

“Surgeon Sex and Long-Term Postoperative Outcomes Among Patients Undergoing Common Surgeries”

“Differences in Cholecystectomy Outcomes and Operating Time Between Male and Female Surgeons in Sweden”

“Age, Gender And Ability To Listen: Who Listens Best?”

“Women surgeons are punished more than men for the exact same mistakes, study finds”

“Sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape by colleagues in the surgical workforce, and how women and men are living different realities: observational study using NHS population-derived weights”

“Board of Supervisors denies Greenwood Leflore Hospital’s $1 million request”

“Money and ambition split up Dana-Farber and Brigham”

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Inc. and Subsidiaries: Consolidated Financial Statements and Supplementary Information

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