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The Latest on COVID-19 Vaccines, and Other News

The Latest on COVID-19 Vaccines, and Other News

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Howie and Harlan discuss current issues in healthcare, including burnout at the hospital, the downsides to Medicare Advantage, and how AI is helping radiologists catch tiny blood clots.


COVID-19 and Vaccinations 

“Newborn and Early Infant Outcomes Following Maternal COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy”

CDC: Stay Up to Date with COVID-19 Vaccines

“Myocarditis and Pericarditis After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination”

“‘On track’: 3 percent of Americans have gotten the new Covid shot, but the CDC director remains confident”

“COVID Shots May Slightly Raise Stroke Risk in the Oldest Recipients”

“Evaluation of Stroke Risk Following COVID-19 mRNA Bivalent Vaccines Among U.S. Adults Aged ≥65 Years”

“SARS-CoV-2 infection triggers pro-atherogenic inflammatory responses in human coronary vessels”

CDC: COVID Data Tracker—USA 

Medicare Advantage 

2023 Medicare Open Enrollment Guide

“How Health Insurers and Brokers Are Marketing Medicare”

“Benchmark Survey: Annual Family Premiums for Employer Coverage Rise 7% to Nearly $24,000 in 2023; Workers Contribute $6,575 on Average Now, But Potentially More Soon”

“Elevance Health Reports $13 Billion Profit and Insurer ups Forecast once again”

Mental Health in Healthcare

“Health care workers report increase in burnout, harassment since the COVID pandemic: CDC”

“Health Workers Face a Mental Health Crisis”

“Suicide Risks of Health Care Workers in the US”

“Stabbed. Kicked. Spit On.Violence in American Hospitals Is Out of Control.”

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

“Prospective Evaluation of AI Triage of Pulmonary Emboli on CT Pulmonary Angiograms”

“Artificial intelligence for breast cancer detection in screening mammography in Sweden: a prospective, population-based, paired-reader, non-inferiority study”

“AI Risk Score on Screening Mammograms Preceding Breast Cancer Diagnosis”

What’s a Normal Temperature?

“Defining Usual Oral Temperature Ranges in Outpatients Using an Unsupervised Learning Algorithm”

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