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An Inspiring Nobel Win and Other News

An Inspiring Nobel Win and Other News

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Howie and Harlan discuss the inspiring story behind the Nobel Prize in medicine, the settlement in the Cigna false billing case, and new research providing more evidence for the effectiveness of statins in reducing cardiovascular risk. 


The Nobel Prize

“Press Release: The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine” 

The Daily: “The Unlikely Pioneer behind MRNA Vaccines”

“Halting Progress and Happy Accidents: How mRNA Vaccines Were Made”

“How Our Brutal Science System Almost Cost Us A Pioneer Of mRNA Vaccines”

Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman: “Suppression of RNA Recognition by Toll-like Receptors: The Impact of Nucleoside Modification and the Evolutionary Origin of RNA”

“The Karikó problem: Lessons for funding basic research”

Cigna and Medicare Advantage

“Cigna Group to Pay $172 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations”

“Overpayments to Medicare Advantage Plans Could Exceed $75 Billion in 2023, USC Schaeffer Center Research Finds”

Health & Veritas: “Helen Burstin: Research with an Impact”

The Cigna Group (CI) Stock Price, News, Quote & History

Humana Inc. (HUM) Stock Price, News, Quote & History

HIV and Cardiovascular Outcomes

“Pitavastatin to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease in HIV Infection”

Health & Veritas: “Dr. Amy Justice: Unlocking the Insights in Healthcare Data”

“Shifting from “Morbid Obesity” to “Class III Obesity””

Healthcare Data

“Officials Struggle to Regulate Pop-Up Covid Testing Sites—and Warn Patients to Beware”

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