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Real Integration in Public Schools #stillnotequal

Real Integration in Public Schools #stillnotequal

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On episode 4 of the CitySCOPE Podcast, Arianna Blanco and Naomi Shachter, co-hosts from episode 3, continue the conversation about race and place focusing this week on education.  We speak with Barbara Biasi of the Yale School of Management on the role of finance in shaping racial and class based inequities in public schools and efforts to remediate them. Biasi describes the highly decentralized nature of public education in the United States, resulting in a trade-off between local control and inter-district funding equity. We also interview Sarah Medina Camiscoli, founder and former executive director of IntegrateNYC, a youth-led organization seeking integration and equity in New York public schools, on their efforts to integrate the largest, and also one of the most segregated, public school districts in the country.

Join us for this week's episode!

Show Notes:

1. Supreme Inequality by Adam Cohen, Penguin Press 2020, mentioned in the podcast can be ordered online; listen to a book talk with Adam Cohen at Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C. here.

2. Learn more about Professor Rucker C. Johnson's research on school desegregation.

3. IntegrateNYC

4. UCLA Civil Rights Project report on NY school segregation, released in 2014, mentioned in the podcast here, see recent report from UCLA Civil Rights Project on NY, published in 2019, showing decline in segregation in gentrifying neighborhoods here.

Photo credit: Sarah Medina Camiscoli, IntegrateNYC