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Logan Yonavjak ’16, Finance & Natural Capital

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Logan Yonavjak ’14 is a financial services professional, entrepreneur, author, and angel investor. She's incredibly passionate about building businesses and guiding capital in ways that replenish, restore, and sustain our social, environmental, and economic systems to advance a more holistic future for all. Throughout her career, she has worked as a consultant to a variety of clients, primarily focused on conserving and restoring ecological systems. Most recently, she co-founded a sell-side advisory firm focused on food & agriculture called Provenance Capital Group. She has also held positions with Morgan Stanley, the Yale Investments Office, and CREO Syndicate. 

In this episode, Logan discusses ESG factors in investing, women in finance, working in the Yale investments office, and the experience of co-founding her own firm focused on investing in regenerative natural resources. She is interviewed by Jenn Burkha ’21.