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[VIRTUAL] Yale SOM NYC Chapter Alumni Award Ceremony

Wednesday, Nov 18 2020 at 6:00 - 7:00 pm EST

Yale School of Management alumni and guests are invited to attend the Virtual Yale SOM New York City Chapter Alumni Award Ceremony on the evening of Wednesday, November 18. Participants will be gathering to honor Dr. Howard P. Forman M.D., M.B.A., as the 2020 recipient of the Leadership in Business and Society Award. Dr. Forman will accept this year’s award on behalf of all frontline healthcare workers who have and continue to work tirelessly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a typical year, this event would be held in person in New York City and would honor two alumni who exemplify the school’s mission across their career since graduating from SOM. The 2018 recipients were Indra K. Nooyi ’80, former Chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo., and Daniel Weiss ’85, President and CEO of the Metropolitan Museum of Art . The 2017 recipients were Colonel Rich Morales ’99, Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Systems Engineering at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and Ranji Nagaswami ’86, Chief Executive Officer of Hirtle, Callaghan & Co. This year, we think it is incredibly important to recognize an entire network of individuals who have served at the very forefront of the pandemic. Dr. Forman has spent his career educating and inspiring so many to pursue careers in healthcare and address the swath of challenges our country and world face today. Dr. Forman will be joined by SOM alumni working in healthcare and who are directly addressing the pandemic including Dr. Emmanuel C. Ohuabunwa '17 M.D., '17 M.B.A., at Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Hiromi Yoshida '06 B.S., '11 M.B.A., '11 M.D., at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Dr. Mallika Mendu '09 M.D., '09 M.B.A., at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Partners Center for Population Health. Dr. Forman will ask them to reflect upon their experiences and share lessons learned. What do they wish had worked differently? Where do we go from here? 2020 has been an unprecedented year and we want to come together as a community to reflect on our experiences since March. Alumni are invited to record and submit a short (1 min) video recording responding to one of following questions to be included in a montage that will be played during the event: How did the pandemic change the way you work? Live? Social networks? Are there any unusual or outstanding experiences you would want to share? What have you learned during this pandemic? About yourself? A new skill or talent? Your priorities? Are there highlights or moments of levity that you experienced during this challenging time? How did you make the most of this situation? Is there a message you want to share with the SOM Community? Are there any SOM alumni that you want to be remembered? Please share a story. Or simply send a message of thanks to a first responder you know Once your video is complete please drag and drop your file into this folder: Helpful recording tips: Record in a quiet location without a lot of background noise Ensure that you are not recording in a dark location. Position yourself so sunlight or bright lighting is directed at you (not from behind) Wear solid colors Have the camera positioned so that it is steady and not moving around Upload your video at highest resolution possible; HD is preferred Alumni are also invited to support Welcome to Chinatown by purchasing a [name of item] to enjoy during the event. This event is brought to you by the Yale SOM New York Alumni chapter leadership team with support from the Yale SOM Office of Alumni Relations. The Yale SOM New York Alumni Chapter's mission is to foster a community of Yale SOM alumni in the New York metropolitan area, advancing our careers and interests in business and society. Panelists [TBD] Dr. Bennett Antwi '19 M.B.A., '19 M.P.H. Public Health Physician 37 Military Hospital Accra, Ghana [TBD] Dr. Mallika Mendu '09 M.D., '09 M.B.A. Medical Director of Quality and Patient Safety Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Partners Center for Population Health Boston, MA Dr. Emmanuel C. Ohuabunwa '17 M.D., '17 M.B.A. Resident, Emergency Medicine Yale School of Medicine New Haven, CT Dr. Hiromi Yoshida '06 B.S., '11 M.B.A., '11 M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor Seattle Children’s Hospital Seattle, WA