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UNICON Annual Workshop: Innovation Through Connection

Wednesday, Jul 8 2020 at 8:00 am - Thursday, Jul 9 2020 at 11:00 am

During this 2x half-day, online workshop, UNICON school members will work with Yale experts in emotional intelligence and innovation to improve their ability to connect with their participants and clients to improve program experiences, rediscover how school-based executive education offers singular program design opportunities, and incorporate stakeholder perspectives in program design. 

Members of UNICON schools will bring their own unique challenge to the group, and work with colleagues and experts to ideate solutions using a refined approach to innovation. They will leave with tools and examples that can be leveraged immediately within their own organizations.

Furthermore, we invite UNICON school members to join colleagues from around the globe for a series of virtual Insights Panels. Each Insights Panel will feature experts from different geographic regions, cover unique perspectives from our industry, and be recorded for participants to access later. Choose to watch one or all panels live.

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