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[VIRTUAL] Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation Graduate Student Conference 2020 (Formerly the Whitebox Advisors Graduate Student Conference)

Thursday, May 7 2020 at 8:25 am - 12:45 pm EDT

The Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation Graduate Student Conference (formerly the annual Whitebox Advisors Graduate Student Conference) draws top doctoral students from around the world to present their research in the fields of Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Finance and Behavioral Marketing.  The goal of the conference is to foster an environment to promote interaction amongst doctoral student researchers, and to provide feedback for students presenting their work in these fields.  The research efforts in these fields have been helped immeasurably by the generous support of Lynne and Andrew Redleaf.

Due to unprecedented circumstances, the selected behavioral finance and behavioral economics papers will be presented virtually during the one-day conference held on Thursday, May 7, 2020. The behavioral marketing papers will present at a different time.

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*Zoom access information is provided upon the completion of your conference registration.

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  • Minju Han

    Student Organizer: Behavioral Marketing

    Minju Han is a Behavioral Marketing Ph.D. student at Yale School of Management. She received a BA in psychology in 2014 from Brown University. Her research interests are in the areas of decision making and consumer behavior. She has been interested in how consumers’ beliefs about intangible qualities (e.g. authenticity, heritage) might affect their judgment and choice. She is also interested in investigating consumer experience and motivation.

  • Joao Paulo Valente

    Conference Organizer: Behavioral Economics

    Joao Paulo Valente is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the Yale Economics department. His research interests include asset pricing, behavioral finance, and macroeconomics.

  • Chen Wang

    Conference Organizer: Behavioral Finance

    Chen Wang is a Ph.D. Candidate in Financial Economics at Yale School of Management. His research interests lie at the intersection of asset pricing and behavioral finance, with a particular focus on how real-world decision-makers form their beliefs. Check out his website ( to find out more about his work.

  • Tianhao Wu

    Conference Organizer: Behavioral Economics

    Tianhao Wu is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the Yale Economics department. His research interests include behavioral finance, asset pricing, and behavioral macroeconomics.

  • Kevin Zhao

    Conference Organizer: Behavioral Finance

    Kevin Zhao is a 5th year Ph.D. candidate in Financial Economics at Yale School of Management. His research interests include behavioral finance, asset pricing, and household finance.

  • Natalie Zhu

    Conference Organizer: Behavioral Finance

    Natalie Zhu a Ph.D. candidate in Financial Economics at the Yale School of Management. Her current research interests include Behavioral Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, and Household Finance.

  • Ximena Garcia-Rada

    Behavioral Marketing

    Ximena Garcia-Rada is a Doctoral Candidate in behavioral marketing at Harvard Business School. She studies consumer behavior and well-being in the context of close, personal relationships using laboratory experiments, field studies, and archival data. Before joining Harvard, she worked as a research associate at Duke University, where she studied how social and cultural factors impact decision-making and dishonest behavior. Ximena received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Universidad de Lima and an MBA from INCAE Business School.

  • Nazli Gurdamar

    Behavioral Marketing

    Nazli Gurdamar Okutur is a fifth-year PhD student in Marketing at London Business School. She conducts research in judgment and decision-making and consumer behavior, with a particular emphasis on personal financial and health decision-making. Nazli additionally holds an M.A. in Economics from Duke University, where she received the departmental award for academic excellence, and a B.A. in Economics from Bogazici University, Istanbul. Prior to her PhD studies, Nazli worked in brand management at Procter & Gamble in Turkey.

  • Lina Han

    Behavioral Finance

    Lina Han is a fourth year Finance Ph.D. student at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research focuses on Fintech and Investment behaviors. Prior to joining the Ph.D. program, Lina worked as a quantitative trader and risk analyst in a high frequency trading firm in Chicago and she is currently working as an affiliated researcher with Luohan Academy in Ant Financial. Lina holds a Master in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in Statistics from Chongqing University in China.

  • Lawrence Hsiao

    Behavioral Finance

    Lawrence Hsiao is a third year Ph.D. student in Finance at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. His research interests include asset pricing, behavioral finance, and corporate finance. Before joining Kellogg, Lawrence received his M.A. in Economics from Columbia University.

  • Elizabeth Huppert

    Behavioral Marketing

    Elizabeth Huppert is a third-year doctoral student pursuing a joint degree in Psychology & Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago and Booth School of Business. Her research explores topics related to moral decision-making, particularly judgments of honesty and fairness. Her current work examines judgments of moral hypocrisy, preferences for moral absolutism versus nuance, and the impact of scarcity on the development of fairness preferences.

  • Peter Jones

    Behavioral Economics

    I'm a PhD Candidate in the Economics Department at UC Berkeley. As an applied microeconomist interested in psychology and economics (aka behavioral economics), my research aims to identify circumstances in which, and to understand how, established cognitive biases affect decision-making in field settings. Accordingly, I leverage theory motivated by psychology to understand empirical evidence in areas related to household and consumer finance, housing markets, labor, and taxation.

  • Pascal Kieren

    Behavioral Finance

    Pascal is a fourth year PhD student in Finance at the University of Mannheim and the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences. His research interests lie at the intersection of behavioral and experimental economics, household finance, as well as decision theory. In his current research projects, he investigates investors’ risk-taking behavior across macroeconomic cycles and dynamic inconsistent gambling behavior. Outside of academia, Pascal enjoys playing tennis and soccer, skiing, travelling, and meeting new people.

  • Shushu Liang

    Behavioral Finance

    Shushu Liang is a third year PhD student in the Harvard economics department. Her research interests are asset pricing and macroeconomics. Her current project on belief dispersion seeks to incorporate rich heterogeneity of beliefs into asset pricing models and get tractable price dynamics. In the joint work with Yang You on low-quality issuers, they demonstrate the puzzle for negative-profit issuers which have poor fundamental but surprisingly high valuation, and they show superstar illusion accounts for the puzzle.

  • Suanna Oh

    Behavioral Economics

    Suanna Oh is a PhD candidate in Economics at Columbia University and will join Paris School of Economics as an assistant professor in Fall 2020. Her research is at the intersection of development and behavioral economics, focusing on how cultural or behavioral biases affect labor market outcomes in developing countries. She completed her bachelor’s in Economics and Mathematics at Duke University and master’s in Economics at the University of Toronto.

  • Nick Swanson

    Behavioral Economics

    Nicholas Swanson is a third year PhD student in Economics at UC Berkeley. He conducts research in the fields of development and behavioral economics. Current projects explore the role of attention in intertemporal optimization problems and the role of social pressure in determining employee selection into firms in developing countries. Prior to his doctoral studies, Nicholas completed an MSc Economics at the London School of Economics, and a BA in Economics at the University of Cambridge.

  • Tao Wang

    Behavioral Economics

    Tao Wang is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in economics at Johns Hopkins University. His research interest lies in the interplay of behavioral economics and heterogenous-agent macro, with a special focus on the expectation/belief formation and subjective perception of risks. Broadly, his work aims at incorporating insights from behavioral economics in macroeconomic models featuring the importance of belief and preference heterogeneity. He is also interested in developing open-sourced python toolkits solving behavioral-agent models. Before Ph.D., he had worked in IMF and Brookings Institution. His webpage is .

  • Heeyoung Yoon

    Behavioral Marketing

    Heeyoung Yoon is a 5th year PhD candidate in Marketing at New York University. Her research interests include judgment and decision makings, hedonic experiences, and prediction bias.

Additional Information

  • [VIRTUAL] Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation Graduate Student Conference 2020

    Thursday, May 7, 2020 | Conference Agenda

    *All sessions will be held virtually.
    *Zoom access information is provided upon the completition of your conference registration.

       8:25 am

    Welcome Remarks

       8:30 am

    Behavioral Economics: “Does Identity Affect Labor Supply?

    Suanna Oh

    Presented By: Suanna Oh, Columbia University

       9:00 am

    Behavioral Economics: “Perceived Income Risks”

    Tao Wang

    Presented By: Tao Wang, Johns Hopkins University

       9:30 am

    Behavioral Finance: “Investor’s Responses to Market Fluctuations: Evidence from Experiment and Real Trading”

    Lina Han, Xuan Luo, and Shumiao Ouyang

    Presented By: Lina Han, Washington University in St. Louis

       10:00 am

    Behavioral Finance: “Why so Negative? Belief Formation and Risk Taking in Boom and Bust Markets

    Pascal Kieren, Jan Müller-Dethard, and Martin Weber

    Presented By: Pascal Kieren, University of Mannheim

       10:30 am

    15-Minute Break

       10:45 am

    Behavioral Finance: “Low-quality Equity Issuance”

    Shushu Liang and Yang You

    Presented By: Shushu Liang, Harvard University

       11:15 am

    Behavioral Finance: “Idiosyncratic Disagreement and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns”

    Lawrence Hsiao

    Presented By: Lawrence Hsiao, Northwestern University

       11:45 am

    Behavioral Economics: “Loss Aversion and Property Tax Avoidance

    Peter Jones

    Presented By: Peter Jones, University of California, Berkeley

       12:15 pm

    Behavioral Economics: “Cognitive Constraints in Consumption Smoothing”

    Ned Augenblick, Kelsey Jack, Supreet Kaur, Felix Masiye, Nick Swanson

    Presented By: Nick Swanson, University of California, Berkeley

       12:45 pm

    Conference Concludes

    Acknowledged Behavioral Marketing Papers:

    A Preference for Revision Absent Objective Improvement

    Ximena Garcia-Rada, Leslie John, Ed O’brien, and Michael I. Norton

    Doing More Good: On the Process of Constructing Donation Portfolios

    Nazli Gurdamar Okatur and Jonathan Z. Berman

    The Social Consequences of Absolute Moral Proclamations

    Elizabeth Huppert and Emma E. Levine

    What (You Think) More Leads to Less: The Eroneous Belief That Adding Unnattractive Items Will Decrease Consumption

    Heeyoung Yoon and Tom Meyvis

    Questions? Contact: