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[WEBINAR] CBEY: A decade at the nexus of business and the environment

Wednesday, Jul 12 2017 at 12:00 - 1:00 pm

The Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) is celebrating a decade of generating, incubating and launching innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

Where have we been and what's next?  This interactive webinar will focus on recent work coming out of the center and our future directions. 

We'll talk about:

  • Evolving curriculum – Educating and training multidisciplinary, global sustainability leaders means working across Yale and with partners to create new relevant courses, case studies, practicums and workshops that meet the needs of our students.
  • Social Entrepreneurship at Yale - The entrepreneurial landscape at Yale is evolving and CBEY is at the forefront of this exciting new phase of innovative thinking at the university.
  • Powerful partnerships – Engagement with partners produces practical, actionable answers to challenging business issues.  Case in point: a deep collaboration among a multidisciplinary set of partners (Yale, Duke, CT’s Green Bank, Smart Power) examined the uptake of clean energy by testing and proving the most effective strategies for accelerating the adoption of residential solar.
  • Activating our network – Through a series of regional events we have connected with our alumni and tapped into the wealth of knowledge, energy and curiosity within this diverse group.  What we’ve heard will help shape the next Yale Environmental Sustainability Summit planned for Nov. 3-4, 2017.  The next iteration of this summit will be organized around three themes: catalyzing, cultivating, and connecting sustainability-driven change makers. 
  • Your thoughts and ideas – We want to hear from you!  We'll have ample time to field questions and hear thoughts from the live audience.