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Yale Tech and YaleWomen Northern California "Changing the Face of Tech" Conference

Friday, Apr 29 2016 at 12:00 - 8:00 pm EDT

50 Beale Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States

Join us on April 29th for the third annual Yale Tech Conference. This year's event will be focused on the changing face of the technology industry and how Yalies in technology are leading the way in change.


  • Anne Wojcicki

    Co-Founder and CEO of 23andMe

    Anne is the Co-Founder and CEO of 23andMe, a leading biotechnology and personal genomics startup which provides consumers with affordable DNA testing and insights about their health and ancestry. 23andMe has raised $225MM from investors for its solution. Prior to starting 23andMe she worked as a Financial Analyst focused on the healthcare industry at Passport Capital, Andor Capital Management, and Investor AB. Anne has a BS in Biology from Yale.

  • Donna Dubinsky

    CEO/co-founder of Numenta

    Donna is the CEO/co-founder of Numenta and former CEO of Palm. She is the co-founder Handspring, creator of the category-defining Treo smartphone. Handspring merged with Palm in 2003, and Donna continued to serve on Palm’s board until 2009. Donna earned a B.A. from Yale University, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. She is currently on the board of Yale University.

  • Michael Seibel

    Partner at Y Combinator

    Michael is a Partner at Y Combinator, a leading early stage venture capital firm. Prior to joining Y Combinator as an investor, Michael was the Co-Founder and CEO of and Socialcam. Socialcam sold to Autodesk in 2012 and under the leadership of Emmett Shear, became and sold to Amazon in 2014 for nearly $1 billion. Before getting into startups, he spent a year as the finance director for a US Senate campaign. Michael has a BA in Political Science from Yale University.

  • Ann Miura-Ko

    Co-Founding Partner at Floodgate

    Ann is a Co-Founding Partner at Floodgate, a leading early stage venture capital firm with investments in Lyft, Refinery29, and Chloe and Isabel. Prior to co-founding Floodgate she worked as an Analyst at Charles River Ventures and Mckinsey & Company. Ann has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Yale and a PhD in Quantitative Security Modeling from Stanford University.

  • Jennifer Pahlka

    Founder and Executive Director of Code for America

    Jennifer Pahlka is the founder and executive director of Code for America. She recently served as the US Deputy Chief Technology Officer in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, where she co-founded the United States Digital Service. She is known for her TED talk, Coding a Better Government. Jennifer has a BA in American Studies from Yale.

  • Miles Lasater

    Co-Founder and COO of One University Network

    Miles Lasater is on the board of Venture for America. He is the Co-Founder and COO of higher education technology startup, One University Network. He is also the Founder of Higher One and Founder of SeeClickFix. Miles has provided leadership to take Higher One from an idea among a few college students to a publically traded company serving over 5 million students. Along the way to a 2010 IPO, Higher One was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. by Inc. magazine and Entrepreneur magazine. Miles holds a BS in Computer Science from Yale.