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Third Annual SOM Boat Cruise in Hong Kong

Saturday, Jun 28 2014 at 5:30 - 9:00 pm EDT

Just in time for the summer, we'd like to invite you to catch up with old friends and meet some new faces (including SOM students doing internships in HK) on a boat cruise to Sai Kung. This year, we will be going to Hong Kong Geopark. This is a very beautiful area of Hong Kong that most people have not seen, and is only accessible by boat. The area used to be part of a supervolcano, and we will see evidence of volcanic activity. Given its significance and beauty, in 2011, UNESCO listed it as part of its Global Geoparks Network. For more information, see Thank you again to Edwin Lee '10 for letting us use your boat. When: Saturday June 28, 1:30pm Departing from Central Pier 7 Itinerary: Central => Sai Kung Geopark area => Swimming/Lounging => Sai Kung Town => Dinner at Chuen Kee Seafood => Central Cost: Seafood Dinner - probably around $300 We will probably arrive back at Central at 10pm. You can make an early departure from Sai Kung Town if necessary.

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