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Finding Career Direction Workshop

Saturday, Jan 22 2011 at 6:30 - 9:30 pm EST

The goal of the Identifying Career Direction workshop is to provide the fastest and easiest way for young professionals to accomplish the most important – but often overlooked – piece of the job search process: identifying those jobs that fit who YOU are. The most successful people figure out at some point in their career that the key to both success and fulfillment at work is to work a job that doesn't actually feel like work. Too often, however, people choose their next job based on where they've been before, or simply what they're good at. This workshop translates who you are – your motivations, values, strengths and personality – into an ideal job description, and helps you identify those jobs that would be perfect matches to what you care about and what you bring to the table. That way, you can maximize the impact you want to have through work. This workshop is perfect for those who have no idea what direction to pursue as well as those who know what industry they'd like to be in, but need help identifying the exact role and function they should play. To register, please visit

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