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2015–5th Reunion

Class Dollars Raised in FY21: $207,718
Reunion Dollar Goal: $200,000
Class Alumni Fund Participation in FY21: 30%
Class Alumni Fund Participation Goal: 50%

*FY21 is from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All numbers current as of 6/8/21

Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Alexa Allen, Cliff Emmanuel, Pablo Heredia Gonzalez, Francis Lively
Reunion Gift Committee: Joe Bonanni, James Di Bartolo, Peter Grunert, Xulin Guo, Anne-Claire Roesch, Yubo Si, Ashlee Tran, Nick Veltri, and Lina Zhao

EMBA Reunion Gift & Planning Co-Chairs: Joseph Ianelli and Amy Romano