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Impact & Innovation

Join the conversation as social entrepreneurs from around the world come to Yale SOM to share the challenges they are grappling with and the insights they are gaining in the field. From rural India and Kenya to the inner cities of the U.S., from the environment to nutrition to maternal child health, this video podcast series cuts across sectors to examine the convergence of business and society. Take a peek inside the classroom of Dr. Teresa Chahine as she examines the latest trends and pitfalls in social innovation, funding, and impact. 

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Episode 1: Conscious Capitalism

Doug Rauch, founder of Daily Table, tackles the food desert in inner cities.

Episode 2: Think Big

Preethi Venkat, YSPH alumnae, leverages technology for rural development with Khushi Baby.

Episode 3: An Integrated Bottom Line

Jean Rogers, founder of the Sustainability Standards Accounting Board, thinks beyond the triple bottom line.

Episode 4: Building Our Own Agenda

Moka Lantum, CEO of Sagitarix and MicroClinic Technologies, shares his journey as an African entrepreneur.

Episode 5: Beyond the Object

Ruchit Nagar and Mohammed Shahnawaz navigate the health care system to strengthen maternal child health in India.

Episode 6: Collective Impact

Adrienne Abbate mobilizes stakeholders across sectors to tackle youth substance abuse in Staten Island.

Episode 7: Public Private Partnerships

Sarah Christie describes Project Last Mile, a multi-stakeholder partnership aiming to strengthen logistics and supply chains for essential medicines in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Episode 8: Creating Choices

Dan Guisti, founder of Chef's Brigaid, tackles the public school food system.

Episode 9: The Blue Economy

Mark Huang, founder of SeaAhead, builds an innovation ecosystem to improve ocean sustainability.

Episode 10: Local Entrepreneurship

Caroline Smith and Margaret Lee support local leaders building new businesses in New Haven.

Episode 11: Nascent Markets

Erik Wurster tackles inefficient markets in his fight for energy access.

Episode 12: Design for Health

Rebecca Hope and Theo Gibbs co-create youth health solutions through their design firm YLabs.

Episode 13: Be Your Own Second Mover

Melissa Mazzeo shares her adventures in building a circular economy with her start-up HandMeUp.

Episode 14: A Market Correction

Susannah Burrage and Jake Harris bring it home with their perspectives on business and society.

Episode 15: Artificial Intelligence and Health

Trishan Panch, CMO of Wellframe, tracks behavioral data to help patients be producers of their own health.

Episode 16: Changing the Face of Tech

Kathryn Finney, CEO of digitalundivided (DID), quantifies the role of Black and Latinx women in the startup world.

Episode 17: Questioning the Status Quo

Andrea Levere, President Emerita of Prosperity Now, questions what’s next in building equitable financial markets.

Episode 18: Iterating & Co-Creating

Tanya Yajnik, CEO of Agora, forms an interdisciplinary team of Yale students to build a product and a learning organization to improve mental health on campus.

Episode 19: Levels of Impact

Erik Clemons, President & CEO of ConnCAT, shares the work that he does to create impact at three different levels: direct service for individuals, community level initiatives, and policy level work to tackle root causes.

Episode 20: Just Build It

Janice Shade, Founder of LocalCap, pursues her vision of democratizing entrepreneurial financing.

Episode 21: No Matter How Unlikely

Greg Grinberg, CEO of ActualFood, fights chronic disease using technology and behavioral science, by building an online grocery system that nudges consumers to make healthy choices.

Episode 22: Hustle Like a New Havener

Ben Young, Co-Founder of Hugo & Hoby, makes sustainable furniture accessible to corporate customers with their network of local fabrication shops and their partnership with community forestry initiatives.

Episode 23: IDEAS Generation

Danny Egol, Co-Founder of IDEAS Generation (IG), is building community and collaboration among next generation leaders working on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Social justice (IDEAS).

Episode 24: A Workforce to Fight Climate Change

Neil Yeoh, Founder and CEO of OnePointFive, mobilizes talent to keep global warming below 1.5'C by connecting businesses with expertise and technology to solve their sustainability challenges. 

Episode 25: Collective Power

Caterina Passoni, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Havenly, goes beyond job training and placement to build community and collective power among refugee and migrant women.

Episode 26: Measuring Social Change

Veronica Olazabal, Chief Impact and Evaluation Officer for BHP Foundation and President of the American Evaluation Association, talks about measuring the bottom line of social entrepreneurship: social change.