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Capabilities Building

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Applying Behavioral Economics to Business Challenges

YCCI works cross-functionally with many different groups within the organization to infuse fresh new thinking into the organization with a particular focus on the application of behavioral science. The Yale team starts with a review of your current organizational processes to identify areas where behavioral science can be embedded to gain more meaningful insights to drive business results. Areas of collaboration may include:

Insights Generation

Refining how insights are defined and generated using an understanding of the true drivers of consumer behavior


How the organization develops new communications, from big ideas, to testing, to activation

Packaging and Choice Architecture

Improving testing methods through collaborative experimentation


Providing guidelines for developing claims language and testing.

Shopper, e-commerce and m-commerce

Improving research methods with a focus on behavioral techniques


Incorporating behavioral science into existing organizational frameworks for innovation, such as “how brands grow,” strengthening testing and developing top-down models for injecting insights into the innovation pipeline

Employee Services

Using nudge theory to help employees align their behavior to better match their intentions

View a sample project approach here.


Seminars & Workshops

YCCI’s customized 1-2 day workshops, led by our distinguished faculty fellows, offer in-depth learning of our foundational principles and proprietary behavioral science frameworks. Our faculty fellows lead ideation sessions to co-create actionable insights moving from “what” (concepts/insights) to “how” (BE solutions for your business challenge.) Sessions often include key team members across marketing and insights and may even include vendors or agency partners. This approach applies YCCI’s deep behavioral science knowledge in a uniquely collaborative format.


Yale@Company Day

Yale@Company Days are short, introductory sessions built to support you in leading your organization to better insights with new ways of thinking about customers. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, these sessions bring the expertise of YCCI faculty fellows on-site to your organization to share foundational principles. The focus of these programs can wide-ranging, from big data and social media to innovation and behavioral economics. Each focus area will bring not only the leading academics in the field but also access to the leading theories and applications relevant to your organization.