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Discovery Projects for Companies

Discovery Projects

The YCCI lives in the world of action as opposed to the world of contemplation. Their constant interaction with real-world business leaders translates into a practical work plan that is leveraged by students and businesses alike.  

Fortune 500 CMO

A small team of elite, hand-chosen students work under the leadership of world-renowned faculty with the most innovative  organizations to solve real-world business challenges.

These 14-week projects are fully customized to apply the latest behavioral science research and frameworks at every stage—including project scope, research methodology, research tactics, insights generation, experimentation design and analysis. Projects combine proprietary research methodologies with rigorous analytics to identify results that drive impact for the organization. See a sample project workstream here


Consumer Packaged Goods

The objective of this project was to help a well-known beverage company to use the principles of behavioral science to determine how best to position a new product offering to win in the marketplace, with recommendations from the Yale team for both long and short term strategies to drive growth.

financial services

Financial Services

The purpose of this project was to apply the principles of behavioral science to provide an insurance company with a greater understanding of consumer behavior related to retirement and retirement planning in order to improve their offerings and marketing. Using their proprietary frameworks, the Yale team investigated the beliefs individuals have about saving, the financial goals they aspire toward, and factors that influence critical moments along the financial planning journey. These insights were used to re-frame the value of the company’s tools and products and incentivize consumers to act on financial literacy/education and retirement planning.



The objective of this project was to assist a non-profit institution in enhancing engagement with the general public and increasing donations for unrestricted funding. The team sought to understand how the public felt about the nonprofit and identify a brand positioning that will hold relevance across a broad audience. The Yale team also explored how and when donors decide to give or engage with the organization; and how the institution can best leverage their position in a crowded space to attract new donors and followers to support their mission.



The objective of this project was to explore consumer behavior and usage occasions, and identify strategies to help a well-known pharmaceutical company broaden consumption of an immunity boosting drink among light and non-users. The team used a combination of research strategies to identify key consumer insights on the factors that drive consumption, and motivators that increase usage frequency.