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Application Tips: Post-MBA Interests


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Kate Botelho
Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Hi, my name is Kate Botelho and I'm a Senior Associate Director of Admissions here at the Yale School of Management. 

Most students who come to Yale SOM are looking to explore new possibilities for their careers, whether it’s pivoting to a new industry or function, changing geographic focus, or accelerating on a current career path. You’re not expected to have it all figured out before coming to Yale SOM, but it’s important to have developed some ideas about your career interests and goals, and how to best position yourself to pursue those interests.

In this section, let us know the industry that is of greatest interest to you in the short-term, meaning the first 3 years immediately after earning your MBA, and then in the long term.

And then briefly describe how you arrived at these interests and how you have positioned yourself, or will position yourself, to pursue them. You may want to think about the answers to questions such as “How did these interests develop?” “What kind of exposure have you had to them?” “What steps have you already taken to explore these interests?” “What enables you to pursue them successfully?”

If pursuing your interests involves starting your own business or enterprise, you’ll want to include that in your answer.