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Application Tips: Activities


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Jared Liu
Senior Associate Director of Admissions

The “activities” section of the application gives you the opportunity to provide us with insight into your commitments outside of the classroom and your day-to-day employment. 

If you’ve been involved in a lot of pursuits outside of school or work, you’ll need to narrow it down to no more than two during your undergraduate studies and two during your post-undergraduate experience. We suggest you focus on the activities or pursuits to which you’ve dedicated the greatest amount of time and energy. Conversely, you don’t need to include two activities in each timeframe, we’re only looking for the pursuits that were truly meaningful to you.

The types of activities you can include here are broad and varied. We list some general categories in the instructions for this section, but you should not feel limited to these. Your activities can be structured or unstructured, group-based or individual, focused on the broader community, your family, or yourself. List any leadership positions, awards, or achievements for activities where this is relevant, but you don’t need to limit your responses to pursuits where accolades are possible.