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Application Tips: Academic Record

Jolene Monson
Deputy Director of Admissions

Hi, my name is Jolene Monson and I’m deputy director of admissions for operations and enrollment here at the Yale School of Management.

Your academic record gives us the opportunity to consider your academic pursuits. That could include undergraduate, graduate, study abroad, transfer, and other university coursework you’ve taken for degree credit. Please list all of these academic experiences within this section. The study abroad, transfer, and other experiences not finishing in a degree can be entered as ‘No Degree.’ 

When filling in your institution, please spend a few minutes to find your university in the dropdown list. While not required, finding your institution there will help our automated process and save us time organizing your file.

In the GPA field, report the GPA exactly as it appears on your transcript, maintaining the GPA scale used by your institution. If a GPA or class rank is NOT on your transcript, please leave those boxes blank in the form.

Speaking of transcripts, you should upload an unofficial transcript generated by your school, which can be a copy released to you by the institution, or a screenshot of a transcript available online. 

We want to see your courses and grades on a transcript for everything counting for university credit. Your uploaded transcript should be clear. It should show the name of the institution, all course titles, and grades. If your university transcript does not have both courses AND grades from transfer or study abroad work, we will need a separate transcript with this information. If your original transcript is in a language other than English, please upload a certified translation and a copy of the original.

If you are admitted and enroll at Yale SOM, you will send us an official copy of your transcripts. We’ll provide directions for this step in our admit package.

Any courses or personal and professional development certificates that you have not taken for credit should NOT be listed in this section. These might be additional quantitative course MOOCS, CFA/CPA certification, or MBA prep seminars. If you’d like to share those experiences with us, you can include them in your resume.