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Career Conversations

Career Conversations

In this podcast series, Yale SOM students sit down with alumni and members of the Yale community for a series of candid conversations about career paths, industries, opportunities for business school graduates, and creating a meaningful impact in business and society. The series is produced by and recorded at Yale SOM. With special thanks to: Producers: Amy Kundrat ’21  and Emily Kling ’21  ·  SOM Media & Broadcast Center: Donny Bristol,  Froilan Cruz, Jessica Rogers, Abraham Teixidor  ·  Editor: Laurie Toth ·  Original Music: Dakota Stipp & Liam Bellman Sharpe


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Season Three

Season 3: Episode 22

Natasha Nair ’21

Season 3: Episode 21

Sarah Wilson ’15

Season 3: Episode 20

Andrew Jacobs ’22

Season 3: Episode 19

Emily Averna ’22

Season 3: episode 18

Reeve Harde ’20

Season 3: Episode 17

Professor Nathan Novemsky 

Season 3: Episode 16

Ariana Day Yuen ’19

Season 3: Episode 15

Scott Gordon ’88

Season 3: Episode 14

Max Dworin ’21

Season 3: Episode 13

Uma Krishnan ’19

Winter Break Student Spotlight Series

Sunny Mehta ’21

Martha Bull ’21

Linhang Ren ’22

Grace Bergin ’21

Adhi Murali ’21

Season 3: Episode 6

Tanmay Manohar ’16

Season 3: Episode 5

Nancy Pfund ’82, Founder & Managing Director at DBL Partners

Season 3: Episode 4

Louise Story ’06, Chief News Strategist and Chief Product & Technology Officer at The Wall Street Journal

Season 3: Episode 3

Matt Chmura ’18, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Boston Bruins

Season 3: Episode 2

Crystal Yates ’21, Deputy Commissioner, EMS, Philadelphia Fire Department

Season 3: Episode 1

Seth Goldman ’95, Co-Founder Honest Tea and Eat the Change, Executive Chairman of Beyond Meat

Summer Internship Spotlight Series

Cari Club: Ann Boyajian ’21 and Edward Kusell-Zigelman ’21

National Park Service: Snigdha Rao ’21

McKinsey & Co: Danny Hurvitz ’21

YouTube Internship: Daven Hines ’21

Robin Hood Foundation Internship: Ezra Nelson ’21

Geisinger Internship: Diane Somlo ’21 MD/MBA

North Carolina Dept of Health and Human Services Internship: Julia Frederick ’21 MBA/MPH

Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Internship: Oscar Licea Perez ’21

Season Two

Season 2: Episode 9

Human Capital Consulting: Frances Symes ’14, Manager at Deloitte Human Capital with Amy Kundrat ’21

Season 2: Episode 8

Hiring & Diversity: Dennis Tseng ’14, Hiring Innovation at Google, with Emily Kling ’21

Season 2: Episode 7

Sports Management: Andrew Messick, CEO of IRONMAN Group with Reeve Harde ’20 

Season 2: Episode 6

Theater Management: Michael Barker, Managing Director of the Westport Country Playhouse with Emily Kling ’21 

Season 2: Episode 5

Academic Leadership: Kerwin K. Charles, Yale SOM Dean with Reeve Harde ’20 

Season 2: Episode 4

Media with a Mission: Laura Walker ’87 with Max Dworin ’20

Season 2: Episode 3

Sustainability & Finance: Radha Kuppalli, Managing Director of Investor Services at New Forests with Reeve Harde ’20

Season 2: Episode 2

Entrepreneurship & Search Funds: A.J. Wasserstein with Max Dworin ’20

Season 2: Episode 1

Financial Services: Jamila Abston ’17, Partner at Ernst & Young with Laurie Cameron Craighead ’16

Season One

Season 1: Episode 9

Fin Tech Startups: Micah Remley ’05, CEO of MineralTree, with Noora AlSharhan ’19

More information & show notes

Season 1: Episode 8

Entertainment: Humam Sakhnini ’01, President of King Digital Entertainment, with Reeve Harde ’20

More information & show notes

Season 1: Episode 7

Venture Capital: Dan Ciporin ’86, General Partner at Canaan Partners with Michelle Kwon ’20

More information & show notes

Season 1: Episode 6

Consulting: Steven Kauderer ’89, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Co. with Andrea Suriano Simoncini ’19

More information & show notes

Season 1: Episode 5

Technology Marketing: Career Conversations: Bridget Perry ’99, Vice President of Marketing for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) at Adobe with Jun Chen ’20

More information & show notes

Season 1: Episode 4

Healthcare: Dr. Michael Apkon ’02, CEO Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children with Keval Desai ’20

More information & show notes

Season 1: Episode 3

Organizational Design: Mat Chow ’14, Director of Design for Change at IDEO with Katherine Cole ’19

More information & show notes

season 1: Episode 2

Consumer Innovation: Emily Silver ’07, Vice President at Pepsico with Max Dworin ’20

More information & show notes

Season 1 Trailer

Welcome to Career Conversations!

Welcome to Career Conversations, a new podcast series by the Yale School of Management.