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New acquisition under García Uribe Fund for Financial History

The García Uribe Fund for Financial History and Education was established at the Yale School of Management. This remarkable resource enables the International Center for Finance (ICF) to conduct research and acquire unique objects that aid and enhance our financial history program. The generous Fund makes it possible for the ICF to develop, expand, and disseminate historical financial knowledge to the wider SOM and finance communities, and thus to policy makers and society at large. 

Below are images of one of the new acquisitions purchased through the fund, the Arrest Du Conseil D’Estat Du Roy, Concernant Le Privilege Exclusive Des Loteries, Accorde A La Compagnie Des Indes, du 15 Fevrier 1724. This fascinating document depicts a French law granting the exclusive right to organize lotteries to the speculative “Compagnie Des Indes,” France’s leading West Indian commercial concern. Significantly, the document indicates that lottery schemes in France preceded Casanova’s famous national lottery for the Ecole Militaire, and that investors sought to replace equity risk with randomness. 

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