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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Yale SOM finance faculty have commented on a number of Covid-19 related topics in the media and have used their research to further contribute to pressing issues such as the stock market, the economy, and federal interventions.

The Yale ICF has compiled a list of working papers co-authored by the Yale SOM finance faculty on Covid-19 related topics.

The Yale ICF has compiled a list of the Yale SOM finance faculty’s media coverage pertaining to Covid-19 and the economy.

CT restrictions

Professors Matthew Spiegel and Heather Tookes have collaborated on a new working paper titled, “Business Restrictions and COVID Fatalities.” To accompany this paper, they have released a state and county policy look-up tool. This includes the history of state and county-level business and related Covid-19 restrictions for all counties in the U.S. since March. It contains the most comprehensive historical data on U.S. county-level policies that they are aware of.