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Annual Conferences

ICF Conference
The Fintech Transformation Conference (2017)

Behavioral Science Conference

The annual Behavioral Science Conference provides a venue for leading researchers from across the world to present and discuss their ideas. While there are other academic conferences that focus only on behavioral decision-making, or only on behavioral finance, or only on behavioral economics, the unique feature of this conference is that it brings together researchers from all three fields. This approach is already yielding results in terms of new inter-disciplinary research, and we expect it to continue to pay dividends in the future.

Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation Graduate Student Conference

Since 2005, the annual Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation Graduate Student Conference (formerly the Whitebox Advisors Graduate Student Conference), held in conjunction with the Behavioral Science Conference, draws top doctoral students from around the world to present their research in the fields of behavioral economics, behavioral finance and behavioral marketing. The goal of the conference is to foster an environment to promote interaction amongst doctoral student researchers, and to provide feedback for students presenting their work in these fields.

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Yale Alumni Real Estate Association Conference

The Yale Alumni Real Estate Association Conference, which has convened annually at Yale since 2008, provides alumni, students, and faculty a chance to engage with leading thinkers in real estate—and with one another.  The purpose of the conference is broader than simply “an industry gathering.”  Instead, it is a venue to focus on new ideas and trends shaping a field that has a potential impact on the fabric of our communities.

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Past Conferences and Events

Yale RFS Real and Private-Value Assets Conference

The conference aims to bring together research on real and private-value assets, such as residential real estate, commercial real estate, art and other collectibles, and any other assets with a private-value component. Sponsored by the Yale School of Management International Center for Finance and The Review of Financial Studies. January 31, 2020.

Virtual Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infrastructure

The interdisciplinary conference included a small group of scholars working on the global role of infrastructure. Participants included scholars from a variety of fields including, but not limited to: finance, history, economics, political science, sociology and engineering. The conference was used as a forum for presenting prospective research ideas among interested scholars. The organizers hope to create a joint research initiative in which conference participants will collaborate on future infrastructure research, share ideas and exchange resources amongst one another. June 6-7, 2020.

Yale Impact Investing Conference

The Yale Impact Investing Conference is an annual event in which speakers and conference attendees gather to engage in meaningful conversations, presentations and interviews about impact investing.

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The Rise of Machine Learning in Asset Management

The goal of this conference is to bring together professional asset managers and academics to understand and discuss the role of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science in the finance industry.  We will explore the new challenges and concomitant opportunities of new data and new methods for investments and delegated asset management.  Speakers will include quantitative managers working at the cutting edge intersection of machine learning and portfolio choice, as well as academic researchers working on their intellectual frontier. October 5, 2018.

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Yale Symposium on Art and Gender

While women represent more than half of the fine art school graduates in the US, the share of female artists drops to about 5% in the auction market. This disparity is also reflected in art auction prices. In 2016, the first 63 most expensive lots could be attributed to male artists. Potential explanations range from differences in endowments and opportunity sets to perceived biases on institutional and market level.  The goal of the symposium is to gain a deeper understanding on the underlying causes of the gender divide in the art market using new results from academic research. The symposium will bring together key practitioners and academics of various backgrounds and different sides of the market to examine the phenomenon from a multidisciplinary perspective. March 29, 2018.

Shaping a Creative Future

“Shaping a Creative Future”, a conference organized in partnership with Yale School of Management and Politecnico di Milano School of Management to explore new possible connections between creativity, sustainability and innovation. March 20-21, 2017.  Milan, Italy.

The Fintech transformation: Disruptive Technologies and What They Mean to Society

Fintech is dramatically reshaping human economic life.  It is opening access to markets, investment, and credit.  It is inventing new ways to solve age-old financial problems. It has reduced fees, disintermediated banks, and brought financial services to emerging economies.  How can we best use fintech for the benefit of society, and what unintended consequences should we be concerned with?  Can fintech make the world a better, safer, more humane place?  How can it improve planning, saving, investment, safety, and decision-making?  Can it simplify our lives, improve global living standards, and democratize access to capital? Will it change the way we think and behave?  Will it raise the potential for systemic disruption and social divergence?  The Yale ICF conference will convene thought leaders in finance, technology, and academia to explore fintech’s potential for further reshaping our world. October 13, 2017.

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Future of Finance Conference

Thought leaders from industry and academia came together at the Yale School of Management on September 9 and 10, 2015 for the Future of Finance Conference, which explored the opportunities and challenges in using financial systems to address today’s major social problems.  Speakers at the conference, presented by Yale SOM’s International Center for Finance, included leading academic theorists, such as Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller, the Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale, and Andrew Lo YC ’80, the Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor and the director of the Laboratory for Financial Engineering at the MIT Sloan School of Management. A diverse group of finance industry leaders included Paolo Zannoni GRD ’76, a partner and managing director at Goldman Sachs; Ranji Nagaswami ’86, a senior advisor at Corsair Capital; and Lingfeng Li GRD ’99, a portfolio manager at Capula Investment Management.

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Art, Mind and Markets Conference

This conference, held in 2014,  took an interdisciplinary approach to understanding art and the market for aesthetic experience.  Included were papers in the field of psychology, sociology, art history, economics, marketing and finance.  On the first day of the conference there will be two sessions on psychology, neuroscience and behavior, and a session on the history of collecting and taste. The sessions on the second day will deal with the history of the art market, the market demand for artistic creativity, and the returns to art investment. We will have public panels Friday and Saturday featuring major artists and critics whose work or writing address the relation between art and mind and art and markets.

Financial Crisis Conference

Past conferences: 2011, 2009