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ICF Advisory Board

Andrew J. Redleaf  ’78 B.A., ’78 M.A.

Former Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Whitebox Advisors, LLC


Sally Rocker ’81
Managing Director
J.C. Flowers & Co.

Valentina Antill ’94

Managing Director
Global Head of Cross-Border and Public Sector Solutions
Citigroup – Global Markets, Americas

Adam M. Blumenthal ’89
Managing General Partner
Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC

W. Montgomery Cerf (Monty) ’83
Managing Director
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Montclair Investment Partners

Rufus (Putnam) Coes III ’94
Partner & Chief Operating Officer
LL Funds, LLC

Mary D’Onofrio ’18
Bessemer Venture Partners

Robert W. Davis (Bob) ’97
Founder & Managing Partner
Nebrodi Partners

Andrea Frazzini ’05 Ph.D.
AQR Capital Management

Timothy C. Fritzinger ’93 B.A., ’99 M.F., ’99
Managing Member
Brooknoll Advisors LLC

Nitin Gambhir ’93 M.S.
Founder & CEO
Tethys Technology, Oceanus Securities LLC
Tethys Art

Juan Carlos García
Managing Director
Quadrant Capital Advisors, Inc.

Andrew Kevin Golden ’89
Princeton University Investment Company

Holcombe T. Green III ’97
Managing Director

Steven H. Kasoff  ’93 B.A.
Former Partner
Elliott Management Corporation

Vivek Ladsariya ’15
General Partner
SineWave Ventures

Ben C. Langworthy ’00 B.A.
Senior Managing Partner
Centerbridge Partners, LP (London)

Andrea Levere ’83
President Emerita
Prosperity Now

Lingfeng Li ’03 Ph.D.
Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer
Coordinates Capital Management

Rebecca E. Lilly ’98
Financial Advisor, Investing with Impact Director, Family Wealth Director, U.S. Government Entity Specialist
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Jack Ling ’97
Managing Director
Prime Capital Management

Francis Lively ‘15
Chief Executive Officer and President
The LCP Group, L.P. (LCP)

Andrea Baumann Lustig ’86
Managing Partner
Fischer Stralem Advisors

Ryan Mollett ’07
Global Head of Distressed & Corporate Special Situations
Angelo Gordon

Adil Rahmathulla ’04
Co-Founder & Partner
I Squared Capital Partners

Charles M. Royce
President & Chief Investment Officer
Royce & Associates

Elena K. Sands ’91
Senior Investment Officer
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Marco Sesana ’04
Chief Executive Officer & Country Manager
Generali Italia

Steven M. Silver ’90 B.A.
Senior Managing Director
Centerbridge Partners

Eddie Sun-Keung Tam ’93
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer
Central Asset Investments & Management

Sandra A. Urie ’85
Chairman Emerita
Cambridge Associates, LLC

Paolo Zannoni ’87 M.Phil., ’87 M.A.
Chairman & Executive Director
Prada Group