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Behavioral Finance Research

The International Center for Finance is a leading center for research in behavioral science – specifically, research in the fields of behavioral decision-making, behavioral economics, and behavioral finance. Behavioral decision-making studies the basic psychology of decision-making, while behavioral economics and behavioral finance study the role of irrational thinking in economic and financial decision-making, respectively. Yale’s research efforts in these fields have been helped immeasurably by the generous support of the Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation (formerly Whitebox Advisors).

Summer school 3

The Yale Summer School in Behavioral Finance, which has been led since its inception in 2009 by Nicholas Barberis with support from the ICF’s outstanding staff members, is a one-week intensive course in behavioral finance for PhD students.

Whitebox Conference

Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation Student Fellows (formerly Whitebox Advisors student fellows) are selected by a committee of Yale faculty and receive funding to help with their research.

Behavioral research projects funded with the generous support of the Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation (formerly Whitebox Advisors) that have been published either in journals or as working papers.

Since 2005, the annual Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation Graduate Student Conference (formerly the Whitebox Advisors Graduate Student Conference), held in conjunction with the Behavioral Science Conference, draws top doctoral students from around the world to present their research in the fields of behavioral economics, behavioral finance and behavioral marketing. The goal of the conference is to foster an environment to promote interaction amongst doctoral student researchers, and to provide feedback for students presenting their work in these fields.