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Time to Shift Focus

What a time for Harvard Business School to celebrate its 100th anniversary; when five of its most powerful graduates have made significant contributions to absolutely wrecking the US economy — George W. Bush, Hank Paulson (US Treasury Secretary), Stan O’Neal (former Merrill Lynch CEO), Rick Wagoner (CEO of General Motors) and Jeff Skilling (of Enron) are all Harvard Business School graduates listed on the Peter Cohan blog.

Cohan, founder of management consulting and venture capital firm Peter S. Cohan and Associates and author of seven books on management, with teaching stints at Stanford University and MIT, did not cringe when he used the phrase “wrecking the economy” while listing these names. After all, aren’t Harvard and many other B-Schools known to admit natural leaders to their courses? Unfortunately, many of these leaders have followed the path of destruction, Cohan says.

Who is to blame for this? Many B-Schools are looking in the mirror.

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