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5 Questions with Kirsten Lynch, CMO of Vail Resorts

5 Questions with Kirsten Lynch, CMO Vail Resorts

Kirsten Lynch, CMO of Vail Resorts and Keynote Speaker at the 2016 Customer Insights Conference recently took a moment to talk with the CCI about social media, risk-taking, and how she uses insights to drive the strategy of the world’s premier mountain resort company.

CCI: How do you define an insight? 

KL: An insight is an understanding of the core motivations of our guests.Insights are at the center of everything we do to create an “Experience of a Lifetime” at our resorts and insights are at the center of all of our innovation.

CCI: What role do insights play in your organization / work?

KL: We use data to derive insights.We use research to derive insights.And we use direct daily guest feedback to derive insights.

CCI: How has the rise of social media changed the marketplace?

KL: Social media has provided a very authentic way for our guests to share their experience at our resorts.  It is incredibly powerful and influential to have our guests marketing on our behalf.

CCI: How does past failure inform your strategy and decision-making?

KL: Past failure gives me the confidence to take risks.The key for our organization to move fast, be agile and be innovative, is that we are willing to take risks and willing to fail and able to learn from the failures.

CCI: Versus when I started, the work landscape now is more ________.

KL: Exciting, innovative and fast paced.

At the Yale Customer Insights Conference, leading thinkers and doers will come together to share notes at an event exploring the frontiers of marketing strategy, consumer choice and product innovation.

In addition to Kirsten, this year’s event will feature:

  • Alison Lewis, CMO of Johnson & Johnson
  • Simon Lowden, Global Snacks President of PepsiCo
  • Ross Martin, EVP at Viacom
  • Rob Schwartz, CEO of TBWA\Chiat\Day New York
  • Eric Solomon, Director, Global Brand Strategy at Spotify
  • Ben Steele, Chief Creative Officer at REI
  • Deborah Wahl, CMO of McDonald’s