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The Broad Center at Yale SOM

The Broad Center at Yale SOM will develop research, teaching, and policy initiatives devoted to improving the effectiveness of top leaders in America’s public school systems. The center will oversee a tuition-free master’s degree program for emerging education leaders, advanced leadership training for top school system executives, and an extensive research endeavor aimed at assembling the premier collection of data on public education leadership.

Kerwin Charles, Indra K. Nooyi Dean & Frederic D. Wolfe Professor of Economics, Policy, and ManagementThis new initiative will provide SOM’s unique brand of management training to leaders of major public school systems in the U.S. By enhancing the capacities of these pivotal education decision-makers, the Broad Center at Yale SOM will have a transformative impact on the lives of the millions of young people who rely upon the public education system for the high-quality, effective schooling that society owes them. Kerwin Charles,
Indra K. Nooyi Dean & Frederic D. Wolfe Professor of Economics, Policy, and Management

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CenterWhat is The Broad Center at Yale SOM?

Created with a $100 million gift from The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, The Broad Center at Yale SOM will run leadership development, research, and policy programs devoted to strengthening public school systems. The Broad Center at Yale SOM is a successor to the previously independent Broad Center.

What educational programs will The Broad Center at Yale SOM run?

As part of The Broad Center at Yale SOM, the school will design and offer two talent development programs with strong parallels to the existing Broad Academy and Broad Residency in Urban Education. Both programs will be tuition-free, ensuring that cost does not deter the most qualified individuals from participating.

The first of these programs will be an Executive Leadership Program for school system superintendents and other senior public education leaders, to begin by the summer of 2021. The curriculum will leverage the expertise of faculty from across Yale, as well as the experience of practitioners, to enhance participants’ management skills and leadership capabilities. Participants will also create a network of likeminded school system leaders committed to the joint pursuit of excellence and equity. This bespoke program will accept approximately 20 participants each session.

The second new program will be a Master’s in Education Management degree program. This program will lead to a Master of Management Studies in Education Management degree. Offered in modules, this highly selective program is designed for early- to mid-career school system leaders with extraordinary leadership potential who wish to increase their impact in key K-12 systems. The curriculum will build strong functional management skills that are necessary to successfully manage complex organizations, including operations, data analysis, finance, accounting, performance measurement, organization design, human capital development, innovation, and technology. We intend to include field projects that enable participants to leverage Yale resources to address real challenges in their school system in innovative ways, thus creating immediate value for K-12 students and communities. The Master’s in Education Management will launch in the summer of 2022 and enroll approximately 30 students when fully operational.

What research activities will the new center support?

The Broad Center at Yale SOM will enable a broad-based research effort into all aspects of public education leadership, including the effectiveness of leadership development interventions. The school will recruit new faculty members with a background of conducting rigorous research in deeply policy-relevant topics related to public education. The center will additionally leverage extensive data already collected by The Broad Center and conduct new research to establish a data repository that will make The Broad Center at Yale SOM the leading national research center on K-12 public school education. The center will also create relevant surveys that collect data from a range of constituencies, perform meta-analyses of existing scholarly and policy research, and create case studies on education leadership and management. The goal is to produce a robust body of research that is relevant to decision-makers and that can inform the public debate around education policy.

The Broad Center at Yale SOM will be an interdisciplinary center that collaborates with programs and centers across Yale that intersect with the field of public education, as well as scholars from other institutions.

When will The Broad Center at Yale SOM start operating?

The goal is for a seamless transition between the existing and new program, during which there is always some Broad Center activity either in its current state or at Yale SOM. The current cohorts of Broad Center fellows and residents will complete their programs as currently structured. The Broad Center at Yale SOM will commence operations this academic year, 2019-20, by beginning a search for new faculty and staff and planning future programs. The first public activities of The Broad Center at Yale SOM will commence in 2020-21, with the launch of the executive leadership program, an academic conference and other gatherings, and the deployment of a research database. The Master’s in Education Management will commence in the fall of 2022.

How will this center affect the rest of Yale SOM?

The Broad Center at Yale SOM is a perfect fit with the school’s mission of educating leaders for business and society. Indeed, the school already has a critical mass of students, alumni, and faculty engaged in public education. For more than a decade, students at Yale SOM have hosted the Education Leadership Conference; and a number of SOM alumni have completed programs through The Broad Center. The Broad Center at Yale SOM will enrich the resources and networks available to the entire Yale community. Faculty hired under the aegis of The Broad Center at Yale SOM will contribute to the whole school and teach courses available to students in other degree programs. In addition, courses developed for the Master’s in Education Management will also be open to MBA and other master’s students, as well as students from across the university. The knowledge generated at The Broad Center at Yale SOM will be accessible to the entire Yale student body, inspiring a subset to pursue careers in public education management and others to be informed citizens.

What can alumni of The Broad Center expect?

Yale SOM is committed to continuing and strengthening The Broad Center alumni network and making the network a powerful resource for leaders in public education across the country. Both Broad Center alumni and Yale SOM alumni working in the education sector will be a critical component of the center’s strategy. We anticipate that the Broad Center at Yale SOM will become a convening point for these alumni stakeholders, as well as current Yale students, and the center will hold events and sponsor other programs to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing within this group. Broad Center alumni will receive career development resources through the center that will be comparable to those that SOM provides to other alumni.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

For inquiries about current or past activities of The Broad Center, visit https://www.broadcenter.org.
For inquiries about plans for the Broad Center at Yale SOM, email broadcenter@yale.edu.