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Transformative Leadership for Public Education

The Broad Center

The Broad Center at the Yale School of Management is a catalyst for improving K-12 public education in large urban public school systems in the United States through leadership development, impactful research, and policy engagement. These school systems can and must be engines of excellence and equity for all of the students and families they serve.


Developing School System Leaders in Large Urban K-12 Public Schools

The Center is home to a Master’s Degree in Public Education Management and the Fellowship for Public Education Leadership. These rigorous, tuition-free programs are driven by our commitment to equity and excellence and fit squarely with the distinctive mission of Yale SOM to educate leaders for business and society.


Generating Knowledge About Effective School System Leadership 

The Center will convene scholars engaged in research on public education along with domestic policymakers and practitioners committed to moving the needle on improved outcomes for students. We will be building a data repository to serve as the leading resource for national research on large urban K-12 public school systems.


Informing and Elevating the Policy Debate  

Policy paves the way for educational improvement. We aim to shape the public policy debate relating to K-12 education through high-profile conferences, events, and communication. These convenings will be opportunities for great ideas to flourish and for critical action to take hold.

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Master's Degree in Public Education Management

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion