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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and racial justice are essential to The Broad Center at Yale SOM’s mission of empowering school system leaders to achieve the dual goals of excellence and equity. 

Management and leadership challenges in public education are indelibly shaped by the socioeconomic background as well as the racial, ethnic and geographic make-up of each community’s students and those who support them: their families, teachers, and school staff.

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Dean Kerwin Charles (right) at TBC Forum with Broad Center alumni affinity group leaders
Hanseul Kang with two children
Top right: Dean Kerwin Charles (right) at TBC Forum with Broad Center alumni affinity group leaders; bottom right: Hanseul Kang, Assistant Dean & Anita and Joshua Bekenstein ’80 B.A. Executive Director of The Broad Center at Yale SOM

Broad Center Participants

The Broad Center at Yale SOM strives to recruit and develop cohorts of leaders who in their diversity reflect the urban communities they serve. Bringing together committed education professionals with their own unique experiences in a shared space allows for peer learning not only in terms of practices and theories, but also of lived experiences. These conversations drive and sustain the work to achieve equitable and excellent outcomes for all students.

There is an interactor or aggregator function that schools play by bringing different kinds and types of ideas together...For that function to work well, the place must be richly diverse. Period. The benefit of this aggregator/interactor function is very seriously delimited by the representation of other kinds of faces in the room. It is an obligation of great universities to find every way, every imaginable way to diversify higher education.

Yale SOM Dean Kerwin K. Charles
Dean Kerwin K. Charles

Broad Center Programs

For each program, a diverse class is essential. It is imperative that the teachers, individual school leaders, and large urban K-12 public school system leaders reflect the students, families and communities they serve. It is also essential because we know that cohorts that are more diverse foster richer discussions and deeper learning.  The study of public education in America must incorporate deep investigation of the lasting and ongoing impact of racial discrimination and exclusion and this must involve people from all backgrounds. All of our programs will have this awareness woven throughout.

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The student at a university is brought into meaningful, close engagement with her colleague across the aisle who is fundamentally different – from a fundamentally different racial background, life circumstances incredibly different and taking the same chemistry or art history class...These are profoundly important things because they affect the view that both students might have had about the groups from which the other person comes.

Yale SOM Dean Kerwin K. Charles

Diversity in New Haven

The Broad Center at Yale School of Management will now call the city of New Haven home. Programs will connect program Fellows and Master’s students not only to the resources of Yale University but also to partners in the wider community. TBC at Yale SOM provides a new opportunity to honor and learn alongside K-12 students, educators, and leaders in New Haven. As the Center lays out plans for the years ahead, collaboration with local stakeholders will be critical. It is equally important to strengthen existing connections between Yale and the people and organizations of New Haven that are dedicated to the continuous improvement of educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds, as well as to stand together in the face of challenges that arise.

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