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Broad Alumni FAQ

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions by our TBC alumni. If you have additional questions, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to assist you.


What alumni supports are available to me?

TBC at SOM is committed to supporting alumni from all Broad Center programs and cohorts to continue to have an impact in public education. We look forward to continuing to bring the alumni community together through ongoing opportunities for connection, collaboration and learning (e.g., Emerging Practices Exchange convenings, regional gatherings, affinity group gatherings, and of course, The Forum). You will have also have access to career supports (e.g., TBC Community, an online job board with relevant opportunities, access to webinars and online resources for career transitions, feedback and assessment tools, Yale continuing education and more). Look for more details in our newsletters, our online community, and TBC at SOM’s webpage for network members:

How do I access alumni supports?

The best place to start is TBC’s online community: The online community gives you quick access to support and helps you find other network members to connect with, look for current job opportunities or post for opportunities when you're hiring, etc. If you need help with your online community account, please email Johanna Tondalo at

How can I find other TBC network members?

Please visit the TBC Community online ( to access a directory of all network members. You can search for people by type of role, type of organization and geography, among other filters. If you need help with your online community account, please email Johanna Tondalo at

How do I update my personal or professional contact information?

Please share any updated personal or professional contact information through your online community profile on TBC Community. If you have any difficulty accessing the community, please email Johanna Tondalo at so that our team may assist. We will also ask you to confirm or update your information in our annual network member survey, and use those results to update the TBC Community directory and profiles.

How do I stay informed about future events and updates from The Broad Center at Yale SOM?

Keep an eye out for our monthly e-newsletter! If you are not currently receiving this monthly update, please email We will also post information on the Network website and on the TBC online community site.

If I graduated from The Broad Center in Los Angeles, am I now an alum of the Yale School of Management?

Once in The Broad Center family, always in The Broad Center family! You will always be an alum of The Broad Center and a member of our alumni community. You will not be an alum of the Yale School of Management. However, there are many ways The Broad Center at the Yale School of Management can continue to support you. Click here for more details on alumni supports.

Now that The Broad Center is a part of the Yale School of Management, do I have a degree from Yale SOM? How do I describe my degree on my professional profile and to future employers?

If you previously graduated from The Broad Residency and earned a Master of Education in Education Leadership degree from The Broad Center between 2012 and 2021, your degree remains a degree from The Broad Center only. You should continue to list “The Broad Center” with your degree and year of graduation on your resume, online professional profiles (including LinkedIn) or bios, etc. If you graduated before 2022, it is inaccurate to list your degree as a degree from the Yale School of Management.

Degrees were not granted by The Broad Center, nor by Yale SOM, to anyone who completed The Broad Residency in Urban Education prior to 2012. The Broad Academy was not a degree-granting program so no degrees were granted to graduates of The Broad Academy of any cohort.

If you wish to describe the transition of The Broad Center in Los Angeles, we recommend language such as:

As of June 30, 2021, The Broad Center for the Management of School Systems ceased operations. In conjunction with this winddown, The Broad Center at the Yale School of Management was established in December 2019. The Broad Center at Yale SOM will run a distinct degree-granting program that is separate from The Broad Residency in Urban Education as well as a distinct non-degree program that is separate from The Broad Academy.

If you have questions about how to list your degree and affiliation, please contact

How can I get verification of program completion and/or a copy of my official transcript?

If you completed a Broad Center program in 2021 or earlier, you can access a letter to verify program completion and/or a transcript by writing to TBC at SOM at

Verification of program completion letters are available for graduates of:

  • The Broad Superintendents Academy (TBA 2002 through TBA 2011)
  • The Broad Academy (TBA 2012-14 through TBA 2019-20)
  • The Broad Fellowship for Education Leaders (TBFEL 2011-12)
  • The Broad Residency in Urban Education (TBR 2003-05 through TBR 2019-21)

Official Broad Center transcripts are available for graduates of:

  • The Broad Residency in Urban Education (TBR 2010-12 through TBR 2012-14)
    • Degrees granted pre-accreditation
  • The Broad Residency in Urban Education (TBR 2013-15 through TBR 2019-21)
    • Degrees granted after accreditation
How can alumni recommend future candidates for the Fellowship and Master’s in Management Studies degree programs at Yale SOM?

Our recommendation form can be used to highlight candidates for TBC at SOM's leadership development programs. The admissions cycles are slated to open in summer 2022 for the cohorts starting in 2023. Please share the opportunity with transformative school system leaders in your networks – both senior-level and emerging leaders – who would be great candidates for the new programs.

Prospective students can also directly fill out a program interest form to learn more about future recruitment for the Fellowship for Public Education Leadership (successor to The Broad Academy) and the Master’s Degree in Public Education Management (successor to The Broad Residency).

I need help with something not covered above. What should I do?

Please reach out to us at, or visit our team page to reach a team member directly. We look forward to getting to know and engaging with all of you!