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Broad Master's Admissions

The Master’s in Public Education Management gives highly motivated, accomplished K-12 education professionals the skills and perspectives to grow as education leaders who make real, lasting impact for students and families. Broad Master’s students keep equity and excellence at the forefront of their work while turning persistent challenges over in a new way.

Broad participants

The Broad Master’s is a 14-month, tuition-free program leading to a master’s of management studies degree. The program is designed for emerging public education leaders with extraordinary potential who wish to increase their impact in key K-12 systems. 

Offered across five residence weeks and online modules accessible to working professionals, the program allows scholars to earn a Master’s of Management Studies degree while working full-time in large, urban K-12 school systems. Master’s students immediately apply practical classroom learning to their real-world work environment.  Cohorts leverage the knowledge and support of their classmates, as well as SOM faculty, to sustain meaningful initiatives and have ongoing impact in their systems. 

Applications for the 2022 cohort are now closed. The tuition-free program will launch in the summer of 2022 with an inaugural cohort of approximately 30 participants. 

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Eligibility Requirements & Characteristics of Strong Candidates

The Broad Master’s is open to early- to mid-career public education professionals working in large, urban K-12 school system central and network offices who are committed to excellence and equity.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply to the program?

We require applicants to have a minimum of five years of post-graduate professional experience, a complete undergraduate degree, and currently be employed in an eligible public school system, including school districts; public charter management organizations; or state education agencies. Prospective students must supervise at least one direct report and/or hold a roll with significant time spent coordinating cross-organization projects. 

Participants in the program must work in central or network office-based roles that impact multiple schools, located in large, urban K-12 school systems. Eligible school districts serve at least 15,000 students drawn primarily from historically underserved communities. Eligible public charter organizations operate a minimum of five school sites and are located in areas that would otherwise qualify under the district size eligibility requirements. 

What traits and characteristics are you considering in your admissions process?

In addition to the eligibility requirements, TBC at Yale SOM seeks students that show strength across five competency areas and demonstrate capacity in six personal traits we believe are necessary for success in K-12 education leadership. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to our mission of empowering school system leaders to achieve the dual goals of excellence and equity, therefore our admissions team looks for evidence of a commitment to equity across the other competency areas and traits.  

  • Equity​: Demonstrates a commitment to improving outcomes for historically underserved student groups and communities through specific actions across other competency areas and traits​ 

  • Strategy​: Holds a role that requires designing strategy beyond own direct contribution; Makes connections and synthesizes data and evidence to successfully translate vision into specific actions​ 

  • Management​: Holds a role of significant scope and complexity with management and coordination responsibilities, such as managing a team or coordinating a strategic project across teams​ 

  • Navigation​: Identifies individuals, external stakeholders, and organizational units that are important to accomplish goals and works with them to move work forward​ 

  • Communication​: Communicates clearly verbally and in writing, including with stakeholders outside of K-12 education; Builds relationships across lines of difference​ 

  • Personal Traits for K-12 Success​: Demonstrates self-awareness, development orientation, flexibility, empathy, optimism, and courage​ 

Application Information

The online application for The Master’s in Public Education Management closed October 6, 2021. We will welcome our first cohort in summer 2022. 

Application Timelines 2021-2022

Online Application – Part 1 Window

August 9, 2021 – October 6, 2021

Invitation to Apply to Part 2

October  13, 2021

Online Application – Part 2 Window

October 14, 2021 – November 16, 2021

Individual Interviews

December 10-22 2021; January 3-14, 2022

Final Interview Days

February 4, 5, 11, and 12, 2022

Decision Notifications

March 1, 2022

Application Requirements

Application Part 1 Requirements

Personal background and information about current role and organization

Application Part 2 Requirements (for candidates invited to complete)

Recent job history; Four short essays; Unofficial transcripts; Two professional recommendations; and Organizational approval form 

Application Resources

We are dedicated to a clear and transparent admissions process. Below are resources that can support your application. 

Community Profiles

“As a first-generation American, I was raised to believe in the power of education and the opportunities it provides. This belief drives me to pursue a career in education. After a decade of working in education, I can say without equivocation that my life’s work is to close opportunity gaps and ensure equitable outcomes for all students.”

Tomi Amos currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of KIPP Colorado Public Schools and is an alumna of The Broad Residency (2017-2019).

"I believe it is our generation’s responsibility to the next generation to ensure that all students are provided with educational opportunities to reach their potential. I’m dedicated and committed to supporting the success of our schools and our students."

Dennis currently serves as the Director of Finance at KIPP SoCal Public Schools and is an alumnus of The Broad Residency (2017-2019).

The Broad Center in Los Angeles is currently being transformed into The Broad Center at Yale SOM, which will continue to offer programs to bolster public education leadership. We talked with former Broad Center staffer Sarah Thompson ’21 and alumnus Joe Gramelspacher ’21, who have found at Yale SOM an environment that complements TBC’s focus on promoting educational equity.

"I am passionate about breaking down systems that keep children, and specifically children of color, from accessing key resources – namely great schools. Every child should have the opportunity to succeed, and their success should not be dictated by where they live or if they have parents or family members who know how to work the system."

After attending law school, Taamiti worked for Denver Public Schools and Uncommon Schools. He participated in The Broad Residency in 2019-2021.