Discovery Projects

Discover new insights + new ways of thinking.
Experience a real-world challenge.
Impact a global organization.
All in one 6-credit, 14-week project. 


Discover new ways of thinking about customers and  leadership, and gain a deeper understanding about how you think and present. Learn Yale’s proprietary Insights Discovery Process, which builds on the latest theories in behavioral science. There’s also a healthy dose of self-discovery as faculty pushes you to challenge the intellectual rigor of your thinking. 


Work on a real project—not just theories. Gain firsthand experience tackling a real-world challenge facing a business leader, with the underlying “cushion” of senior faculty leadership and alumnus mentorship.  Learn how to go from problem to insight, and how to use insights to generate creative strategies and recommendations.


Generate insights that can drive meaningful change within an organization and learn from senior leadership about how your team’s ideas might be used during key client milestones. Having the support and guidance of faculty along the way will ensure that your final deliverables are both innovative and impactful.

Who should apply?

We love the intellectually curious, the naturally inquisitive, and the lifelong explorers who want to discover why people do what they do.   Join us in our quest to Discover. 

What will I learn?

Rigorous critical thinking skills and the ability to translate learnings from data into strategic recommendations are valued in leaders across industries and sectors. Whether you’re going into consulting, strategy, design or marketing, you will benefit from learning how to more effectively and succinctly present your ideas in team meetings, oral presentations, and written PowerPoint slides.

Methods and Theories Frequently Used:
  • Behavioral Economics / Behavioral Science
  • Beliefs-Goals-Choices  Framework
  • Nudges
  • Habits
  • 4 P’s Framework
  • Decision Making / Decision Science
  • Yale Insights Discovery Process
  • Design Thinking / Innovation Through Customer Empathy
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Concept Testing
  • Survey Creation & Experimentation
  • In-Depth Behavioral Interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Social Media Scraping


How many course credits will I earn for the project? 
6 credits

How many points should I save for this course?
The course is by application only.  You do not need to use your points to bid on this course.

Who can apply? 
In the fall, the course is open to second-year MBA students, incoming MMS students, and incoming MAM students.  In the spring, the course is open to first- and second-year MBA students and current MMS and MAM students. 

When are applications due? 
For Fall 2019, the application deadline is Wednesday, July 17, 2019.   For Spring 2020, students will receive an email with application information during the fall semester. The application for Fall 2019 will be made available on Thursday, June 20, 2019.

What are some tips to strengthen my application?  
Apply to more than one project to increase your likelihood of getting accepted.  You can note your order of preference  in your statement of interest, along with why you’d be a great fit for your top choice.

STUDENT Spotlight

Betsy RivesWith lessons from this course and real-world opportunity as a guide, I am able to better navigate the complexity and ambiguity of my research at Google with confidence.Betsy Rives

Hear from Students 

This program is uniquely Yale and definitely worth exploring if you enjoy being challenged and pushing the bar for what excellence looks like day in and day out!

Challenging, engaging and ultimately rewarding work…

The YCCI Discovery Project was a genuinely meaningful complement to my classroom experience and amplified my learning and growth during my first year at SOM in surprising ways.