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Learning from leaders Webinar

Postponed: Learning from Leaders: Mixed Signals with Uri Gneezy

Wednesday, Apr 5 2023 at 12:00 - 12:45 pm EDT

Speaker Event | Live Online


This event has  been postponed, please stay tuned for for information! 

The Yale Center for Customer Insights is excited to announce our upcoming session of the Learning from Leaders (LFL) Webinar Series on Wednesday, April 5, from 12:00 – 12:45PM EDT.  The series features leaders in academia and industry across marketing functions sharing their expertise on the changing world of marketing and insights and will be open to the general public. Advance registration is required.

In the world of business, incentives play a crucial role in driving employee performance, customer behavior, and organizational success. But how do we design incentives that truly motivate and lead to desirable outcomes? And what happens when mixed signals are sent and incentives backfire? In this session, Uri Gneezy, Professor of Economics and Strategy at UC San Diego, joins Gal Zauberman, Professor of Marketing at the Yale School of Management, to explore key concepts and lessons from his new book Mixed Signals. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how incentives can be used to drive business success, along with practical strategies for designing and implementing effective incentive programs.


Uri Gneezy

Uri Gneezy 

Professor of Economics and Strategic Management
Rady School of Management, UC San Diego

Uri Gneezy is professor of economics and strategic management at the Rady School of Management, UC San Diego. 

As a researcher, Gneezy's focus is on putting behavioral economics to work in the real world, where theory can meet application.  Topics include incentives-based interventions to increase good habits and decrease bad ones, Pay-What-You-Want pricing, and the detrimental effects of small and large incentives. In addition to the traditional laboratory and field studies, he is working with several firms, conducting experiments in which they are using basic findings from behavioral economics to help companies achieve their traditional goals in non-traditional ways.

Before joining the Rady School, Gneezy was a faculty member at the University of Chicago, Technion, and Haifa. Gneezy received his PhD from the Center for Economic Research in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Gal Zauberman

Joseph F. Cullman, 3rd Professor of Marketing
Yale School of Management

Professor Gal Zauberman studies human judgment and decision making, the nature of experiences, financial decision making, time perception, and memory for emotions and choice. In his research, he has published articles in leading marketing and psychology journals on topics that include: factors that affect individuals’ evaluations, preferences, and choice, with specific interest in the role of time in decisions and experiences. He has also been investigating the role of photography and other technology in experiences. He won numerous awards, including the William O’Dell  and the Paul Green best paper awards, and the Early Career Award for Distinguished Contributions to Consumer Psychology. His research received international media coverage, including the New York TimesScientific American, and others.