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Clairine Runtung

A Women in Management and ICF Collaboration

Earlier in the year, the ICF worked with Yale SOM Women in Management Club Professional Development rep Clairine Runtung to develop a panel of distinguished female SOM alumni who talked about their career paths and experiences in different areas of the finance sector.

As part of the Yale SOM Women in Management Club Professional Development team, I had a chance to work with the International Center for Finance (ICF) to help organize a panel discussion about “Growing Professionally in Finance.” The panel involved three accomplished Yale SOM women alumni: Andrea Levere ’83, President of Prosperity Now; Heidi Carter Pearlson ’96, Founder & Managing Partner of Adamas Partners, LLC; and Andrea Baumann Lustig ‘86, President of Stralem & Company, Inc, who each shared inspiring and insightful stories and experiences about their time at SOM and their career journey thus far.

Clairine introducing the panel
Women in Management club professional development representative, Clairine Runtung (first year MBA), introduced the panelists and moderator.

The panel idea was initiated by a conversation between WIM and ICF, on conducting an honest, fireside chat concept of sharing session between distinguished alumni and current students. Many of us are currently looking for job opportunities and starting our careers, hence hearing from and getting motivated by women alumni who have been successful at paving their career paths in finance might be a great source of inspiration as we shape our future career in the industry.

Hosted over lunchtime, the event turned out to be a success with over 40 student attendees. Topics such as critical factors for an impactful career, work-life balance, satisfaction and challenges at work, were discussed in-depth and thoroughly. My personal favorite was when the panelists were asked if they have ever doubted themselves throughout their careers, to which Heidi Pearlson responded that while she sometimes does doubt herself, the key is to never let anyone else doubt her or put her down. I loved how witty every panelist was, yet I could see their strengths and drives in each of their answers. Most importantly, I appreciated how honest and transparent they were, creating for a comfortable vibe throughout the room since the start of the event. The Q&A session was engaging and I could tell how interested the students were in learning more about the panelists’ experiences and how they were able to achieve success.

After the event, words spread fast and I learned that I was not the only one who benefitted from the panel. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to contribute to the panel discussion – major shout out to ICF without whom the event would not be possible.

Clairine Runtung
Clairine Runtung, first year MBA

About Clairine Runtung: Clairine Runtung is a first-year student at Yale School of Management. Before enrolling at Yale SOM, Clairine worked at Convergence Ventures, a US$50million early-stage venture capital firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Previously, she was a project manager at Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB Foundation), an Indonesian-based non-profit organization focusing on education for disadvantaged youth and a management trainee at Franklin Templeton Singapore. Clairine earned a BA in Finance & Entrepreneurship from University of Washington, Seattle. She is passionate about women and youth empowerment, as well as the intersection between technology, social impact and private sectors particularly in the field of consumer products, education, and sustainability.

About Women in Management: WIM is a student affinity club at Yale SOM that strives to support women at the school Management in their personal and professional endeavors, and bring together women and allies in a community that fosters dialogue, equity, and warmth.

About the International Center for Finance: The ICF brings together faculty, students and practitioners to foster leadership in the understanding, practice and management of finance from multiple perspectives. Its goal is to support innovative research and educational activities within the context of Yale School of Management’s broader perspective of business for the benefit of society.