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Andrea Levere

Why Asset Building Matters

Andrea Levere
Andrea Levere, ICF Executive
Fellow & President Emerita,
Prosperity Now

ICF Executive Fellow, Andrea Levere ‘83, is President Emerita of Prosperity Now and recently gave a lecture to Yale MBA for Executives students in the asset management program about, “Why Asset Building Matters.”  Andrea gave an overview of her Yale SOM education and how it prepared her for her future career in the not-for-profit sector.

Andrea spoke about her time at her former company, Prosperity Now, and it’s mission statement which reads: “Prosperity Now’s mission is to ensure everyone in our country has a clear path to financial stability, wealth and prosperity.” Andrea strongly believes in combating financial inequality and her company has identified strategies to address wealth inequality by building assets.  In order for low-income households to build assets, they must first learn basic skills to help them access quality employment, to then earn a sufficient income, to then save their leftover income after having paid for basic needs and paying down debt, to finally own a home, business, make an investment and/or own other assets that build financial security and wealth.

Andrea is very passionate about her work and even in her retirement from Prosperity Now, she continues to work on finding feasible solutions to fighting wealth inequality!

Andrea Levere
Professor William Goetzmann introducing Yale EMBA Asset Management colloquium speaker, Andrea Levere.