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Ranji Nagaswami

The Beauty of SOM

This morning Ranji Nagaswami ‘86, ICF Advisory Board Member and CEO of Hirtle, Callaghan & Co., delivered an inspirational orientation speech to incoming SOM students in the Master of Advanced Management, MMS in Systemic Risk, and MMS in Global Business and Society programs.  She gave a detailed story of how she made it from India to the Yale School of Management and to her later career path.

Ranji constantly talked about the beauty of SOM.  She spoke highly of what makes Yale School of Management so unique and urged the students to take the time to find what interests them, cultivate their skills, and later hone those skills.  During the talk, she asked the students to think about what their superpower is and then how they can use it for the greater good of finance in society.

Ranji NagaswamiRanji NagaswamiRanji NagaswamiRanji Nagaswami