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Sandra Urie /85

Sandra Urie ’85 Discusses Her Career in Investment Management with Asset Management Students

Sandra Urie '85
Sandra Urie ’85, Chairman Emeritus of Cambridge
Associates and ICF Advisory Board member

Sandra Urie ’85, Chairman Emeritus of Cambridge Associates and ICF Advisory Board member, recently spoke to Professor William Goetzmann’s asset management students in the Yale MBA for Executives program. She first gave a brief overview of her professional background and why she decided to apply to Yale SOM. Sandra explained that Yale SOM was the only business school that she applied to because it was the school’s “non-traditional approach and uniqueness” that drew her to it. Sandra knew that she wanted to work for a company that was very mission driven and knew that Yale SOM would prepare her with the proper skills to become successful and make a difference.

After completing her degree, Sandra began working at Cambridge Associates and has thus far enjoyed a 36-year career there. Even after retiring a few years ago, she still finds herself working at Cambridge Associates in a meaningful capacity, focusing on ESG and impact investing.

Sandra gave an overview of Cambridge Associates and how it has evolved over the years since she began working there. Despite the exponential growth, it has remained a mission aligned company which she finds very important. Sandra complimented the company in being a leader in their ESG efforts which includes a wide range of enviornmental and socially responsible investment themes.

During the talk, Sandra also discussed her company’s dedication to a diverse manager program. Sandra expressed that, “Talent resides everywhere. Opportunity doesn’t.” Therefore, Cambridge Associates proactively implemented their diverse manager program to identify good managers in underrepresented populations. They are addressing an unconscious bias and finding new ways to expose and engage potential managers by taking different approaches to recruiting and internships.

Sandra ended the talk with a Q&A session with the asset management students who asked further questions about responsible investing, the diverse manager program, and her experiences in the investment management field.